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Before & After: Rusty Kitchen Cart Turned Nightstand

When choosing a nightstand for Megan’s side of the bed, we were met with a bit of a dilemma. Firstly, we’re living with a “use what you’ve got” philosophy until we have time to hit up estate and garage sales again ($$). Secondly, the nightstand also had to be able … Read the rest

Thrify Finds: Son of Man

The Son of Man by Rene Magritte (1964) is one of Jake’s favorite paintings. Here’s why:

“At least it hides the face partly. Well, so you have the apparent face, the apple, hiding the visible but hidden, the face of the person. It’s something that happens constantly. Everything we see … Read the rest

It’s All in the Details

Want to see our loft?

Okay, so we can’t exactly give you a house tour. Jake’s a modern minimalist, but I like cluttered and eclectic. It’s a little hard to balance. We’re still getting the details worked out; it’s not awesome enough yet to give you the big picture. But … Read the rest