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ROYGBIV Pipe Bookshelves

ROYGBIV Pipe Bookshelves by the Nerd Nest

Now that we’ve shared how we built the pipe bookshelves, I’m going to show you how we filled ’em up!

These bookshelves really are the focal point of our whole house, so we were very intentional about how they look. We’ve long organized at least some of our books … Read the rest

Our Typewriter Collection

Royal Portable Woodgrain

Jake: How’d you like to see our typewriters in their natural habitats? I thought so.

It’s been made pretty well known that I’m not the collector in the house. Megan and Eliza are crazy about collecting, but if I were a bachelor, it would be minimalism that ruled. Of course, … Read the rest

Jonas’s Space Shelf DIY

Jonas's Space Shelf

Jonas now has an awesome shelf in his room to hold some of his cool space stuff. We’re so excited to finally have it up! One step closer to a room tour.

Jonas's Space Shelf

Having this cool display really brightens up Jonas’s room and we’re glad to not have everything crammed onto … Read the rest

Vintage Office in the Bathroom

Vintage Office Organizer in the Bathroom

We’ve got a steadily growing vintage office supply collection going on here in Holly House; it’s one of our favorite things to thrift. We found this metal index organizer about a year ago for $2 and I’ve been using it to collect index notecards that I keep by my bed … Read the rest

Room Tour: Science Bathroom

Science Bathroom

We thought it was due time for a little room tour! Welcome to our first floor half bath, where we fully live up to our blog name with an awesome science theme. It, like the rest of our house, is only halfway decorated (it needs paint, a mirror, and curtains, … Read the rest


Entryway - School Desk

Project Life is coming tomorrow – it was too dark today to take good photos.

I love school stuff. Jake likes to describe my decorating style as “8th grade classroom”. Which is probably spot on. We’ve got a school chair or a microscope in pretty much every room in the … Read the rest

Globe Collection

Nerd Nest Collections
We love collections. And by we I mean me and Eliza. Jake is by nature a collector too, but he thinks that gadgets don’t count (his collections are for doing things with, not for looking pretty). Eliza and I, we collect for the love of collecting. Which is why we’re … Read the rest

Thrifty Finds: Children’s Book Collection

Sometimes thrifty finds seem good to be true. Also, sometimes they pop up in places you wouldn’t expect. It’s no secret that we love books around here. They’re taking over the house, really. We have way more books than bookshelf space. But this find was irresistible.

Vintage Children's Book Stack

How much do you … Read the rest

Getting the Right Price – The Inkwell Story

18th Century French Guilded Bronze Inkwell and Blotter

If you’ve been a reader for awhile, then you know that I have a quill & inkwell tattoo. It’s the beginning of my “writer’s desk” themed 1/2 sleeve. My tattoo artist (Justin Sims at Freaks on Broadway) based the tattoo on an 18th century gilded bronze inkwell he found on … Read the rest

Before & After: Lighting it Up

One of the things that we found confusing after buying holly house was the lack of door on the master bathroom. Another was the light fixtures. All through the house, the light fixtures had been changed, except for the entryway, the two kids’ rooms, and the living room. (Go to … Read the rest