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DIY Ocean Cover

DIY Ocean Cover by Megan Anderson

I love documenting vacations, and I almost almost always make small books in some form or another to house vacation memories. My favorite vacations have been to beaches (though that hasn’t happened for a depressingly long time). I like reliving those beach memories through scrapbooking until I can get … Read the rest

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake

You’ve already seen a bit of our Table Rock Lake vacation in the Last Round of Phone Photography Project photos and a whole day of the trip in July’s Day in the Life. I wanted to share some more here, for your enjoyment hopefully, but mostly because I’ll refer … Read the rest

Florida 2004 Minibook

Florida 2004 Vacation Minibook

This post shall also be hereinafter known as “The One with the Two Hour Mini”. Because that is what it is. Over 70 photos in one night + one nap time. This mini covers my 2004 family trip to Florida with my brother and grandparents, the summer between my Junior … Read the rest