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New York

New York | The Nerd Nest

Last month, Jake and I took the Mid-Atlantic by storm. We spent a day in Philadelphia, then headed to New Jersey to spend a weekend with Kristin and Jeff. Today I’m going to share the New York portion of the trip! Jake took most of these, because he’s fancy. … Read the rest

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey | The Nerd Nest

After our day in Philadelphia, Jake and I hopped a train to New Jersey to spend a weekend with Kristin and Jeff. We spent Friday just hanging out together (Kristin and Jeff made us an amazing dinner), but Saturday was all about the New Jersey Shore. We went to … Read the rest

Day in the Life // May (Philadelphia Trip)

Day in the Life // May (Philadelphia Trip) | The Nerd Nest

Last year I played along with Ali Edward’s Day in the Life monthly and it was one of my favorite projects ever. This year, I’m repeating the project. I’ve been doing it on the 15th of each month, but this month switched to the 8th so I could play along … Read the rest

On Vacation!



This week is Jake’s first ever business trip and–bonus– they let him take a vacation on the back of the trip and still pay to fly him home. He’s in Pennsylvania now (which is where those pretty pictures above are from), and in a few days I’ll be joining him! … Read the rest

Denver Art Museum

The Nerd Nest visits the Denver Art Museum

The Nerd Nest visits the Denver Art Museum

One of the best parts of our recent vacation to Denver to see our friend Jessica was a visit to the Denver Art Museum. The kids love going to our local museum, so we knew they’d have a blast at the DAM. Just how much they’d love it … Read the rest

Colorado Trails

Colorado Trails by Jake at the Nerd Nest

For the first week of this year, we went to go stay with our friend Jessica in Denver. We spent most of our time hanging out with friends, but you know that I won’t miss an opportunity to take awesome landscape photos if I can help it! Megan, Jessica, the … Read the rest

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake

You’ve already seen a bit of our Table Rock Lake vacation in the Last Round of Phone Photography Project photos and a whole day of the trip in July’s Day in the Life. I wanted to share some more here, for your enjoyment hopefully, but mostly because I’ll refer … Read the rest

Miss you already

Jessica & Megan

So, we posted a lot of pretty pictures of our Denver trip. We took a ton of pictures of Rural Kansas, Red Rocks, Flagstaff Mountain, and some awesome food. But the trip was really all about that lady. I love Jessica so much and wish more … Read the rest



Red Rocks and Rural Kansas were beautiful, but the best photography opportunity during our Denver trip was on Flagstaff mountain. There were great views, even though we didn’t stray far down the trails. We didn’t have much daily light left, so it was nice to be able to pull … Read the rest

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Of the many beautiful places we visited while in the Denver area last weekend, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater was one of the prettiest. This isn’t my first time at the outdoor amphitheater, I saw Rancid there with Jessica a few years ago (not the best venue for a punk … Read the rest