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DIY Vintage Sheet Pet Net

DIY Vintage Sheet Pet Net

One of our goals for our June Project Challenge was to use some of the vintage sheets we’ve been hoarding. Today we finally have one vintage sheet project down (and several in-progress): we used a vintage sheet to make a hammock-like pet net in Eliza’s closet for all of her … Read the rest

Step 6: Tackling Toys

One Step at a Time

This year we’re running with the mantra One Step at a Time. We’re tackling tons of little tasks and making small changes that will hopefully add up to help us reach our big goals for the year. Taking it one step at a time keeps us from getting overwhelmed, Read the rest

Eliza Cashes In

Eliza and Opal the Owl Bank

A while back, we shared that Eliza modeled for Constructive Playthings catalogues. You can still find her sprinkled through their website. Eliza got paid in toys (not literally–in the form of a gift certificate) and last weekend we finally made the trip out to the Kansas US Toys Read the rest