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Today is for

Clean up the floor with tea | The Nerd Nest

Scrubbing away at the paint on the spare room floor with tea. Totally works, takes a lot of elbow grease. So ready for this project room to be finished.

Playing the Harry Potter Lego game on our PS3 with Jonas.

Watching Jake master flying the quad copter he built.

Working … Read the rest

Today is for…

Today is for | The Nerd Nest

Lots of painting.

The beginning of Eliza’s Thanksgiving break.

Hanging out with my sister and baby niece.

Making cranberry sauce and pumpkin snickerdoodles.

Adding a few more letters to Jonas’s ABC scavenger hunt book.

Possibly getting out of pajamas and going outside, as the temp is supposed to get … Read the rest

Today is for…

Today is for | The Nerd Nest

Listening to heavy rain pitter patter on the leaves through open windows.

Preparing for energy releasing dance parties today, because Jonas goes a little bonkers when we can’t go outside.

Spending time with my smiley niece Ava, whom I’m watching a few times a week now. (There are two baby … Read the rest

Today is for…

Harry Potter Lego Display Case | The Nerd Nest

Ready to be Rearranged RGBIV Pipe Bookshelves | The Nerd Nest

Rearranging the RGBIV bookshelves, now that there’s a spare row thanks to our new Harry Potter display case.

Enjoying an Autumn breeze throughout the house.

Reorganizing our pantry closet, which has reached avalanche status again. New IKEA tubs = motivation.

Rocking a new sports bra. (My comfort is more important … Read the rest

Today is for…


Enjoying the weather (in the hammock!).

Going through the kids clothes so I can donate too small stuff.

Finishing a painting I started years ago.

Taking a long walk with Jonas.

Cleaning the bathrooms (boo).

Working on the letter “S” with Jonas.

Reading a big stack of children’s books.

Buying … Read the rest

Today is for…


Leisure, as baby Ava isn’t here today and I’ve been needing a break.

Reading Sweet Tooth, which I picked up at a used bookstore yesterday, and taking notes for a book hangout.

Getting outside with Jonas, even if it is super cold and a pain to get ready for … Read the rest

Today is for…

Pulling down the wall.

…assisting Jake in pulling more bricks off of our house for our corner re-build project.

…feeling the breeze through open windows.

…dealing with allergies because of them.

…a long walk with Jonas.

…finishing A Clash of Kings for the second time.

…hanging out on the Project Life Lessons message boards. … Read the rest

Today is for Sunggling

This little dude invaded our bed last night, and it turns out it’s because he’s sick. So I’m spending the day snuggling, watching cartoons, feeding him dry cereal, and reading lots of books.… Read the rest