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April Reads

April Reads

Welcome to my April Reads!

For those of you new to the nest, I have a neurotic reading process. Each month I read at least part of a non-fiction book, a book about reading/writing/editing/language, and as many books from my color stacks as I can (my books are organized by … Read the rest

Goosebumps #1: Welcome to the Dead House

I finished reading Goosebumps #1: Welcome to Dead House to Eliza last week, and she wanted to do a vlog post to share what she thought with you!

We read a combination of picture books and chapter books together, and she reads beginner books to me as well. It takes … Read the rest

November Reads

November 2011 Reads

I never got around to posting my November Reads in December (most hectic month ever), so just pretend that I posted this a few weeks ago. Great.

For those of you that haven’t been following along, I’m working my way through those color stacks in the pictures behind me, trying … Read the rest

Banned Books

Let's Get a Serious

I meant to finish this post during Banned Book Week (last week of September). But that didn’t happen. And I don’t want this to sit in our drafts folder for a year. So here you go.

Banned Books Week is an event sponsored by many awesome organizations, including the American Read the rest

October Reads

October 2011 Reads

I didn’t get through very many books this month. I usually read before bed, but I’ve been super exhausted. I’ve been falling asleep before I even get through a whole chapter sometimes.

*Note: I’m not a crazy cat lady. Ashes was meowing doing figure 8’s around my ankles when Jake … Read the rest

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Eliza's Reads: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In addition to the tons and tons of children’s picture books we read to Eliza and the few books she reads out loud to us weekly, we read chapter books aloud to her. Eliza is very proud to have Eliza’s Reads on the blog alongside my reads posts, and … Read the rest

Eliza Can Read!

We don’t usually make Eliza’s Reads posts about non-chapter books (that would need to be an entire blog by itself), but this one deserves a mention.

Eliza's Reads:  Clifford Runs

Eliza read Clifford Runs to Story Time , a library book from school, all by herself!

We’ve been working on it awhile now and, … Read the rest

June Reads

June Reads

I finally finished writing up my reads from June! Take a gander:

Post War

Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945
(Part 3: Recessional: 1971-1989) (2005) by Tony Judt

What you need to know:As I said in my April and May Reads posts, this book is advanced (collegiate level), so some … Read the rest