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Spring Break Planning

Planet Comicon Kansas City

Last year we were cooped up all Spring Break, but it was still a blast, mostly because I had the foresight to plan awesome activities ahead of time. So hopefully it’ll work again this year.

Here are some of my plans / ideas for this year:

The Great Acorn Depression

The Great Acorn Depression | The Nerd Nest

Last weekend we went to the park after our weekend ritual of local-diner brunch. The park was supposed to be a quick stop to get some of the pent-up energy out, but turned into a 3.5-4 hour playtime, complete with an economics lesson, and ultimately resulted a sleepover party with … Read the rest

Weekday Unbalance

Week in the Life | Monday at the Nerd Nest

I’m really struggling to help Eliza get into a good weekday routine.

E gets home at about 3:30 PM and the goal is to have her in bed by 8:00 PM. That’s four and a half hours to eat a snack, do homework (usually with Jonas pestering her), do chores … Read the rest

Things We Say to Our Kids

Things We Say to Our Kids

I loved this post by Ali Edwards and was inspired to record what Jake and I are saying to the kids right now.

Things I say to my kids:

I love you.
High five!
Just a minute, please.
Put. That. Down. NOW.
Be nice.
That makes me sad.
You … Read the rest

How a Nerd Dad Makes Spelling Homework Fun


I received an email from Eliza’s teacher today, and it included a list of her spelling words for the week (in French, of course). Knowing that she’s had trouble with this in the past (least favorite subject of hers), I decided to make a web application for Eliza to make … Read the rest

Spring Break


We’ve been covered in snow for the majority of Spring Break and it’s the last week of the quarter, so Jake has had to work late most nights. Needless to say, I’ve had my work cut out for me keeping it fun for Eliza and Jonas and keeping myself sane. … Read the rest

Eliza’s Harry Potter Birthday Party

Platform Nine and Three Quarters

A few weeks ago, Eliza had her very first kid-centered birthday party… almost two month after her actual birthday. But it took us awhile to be ready after Christmas break, and we had to post-pone because of snow, so we’re okay with that.

Eliza wanted a Harry Potter theme, so … Read the rest

Getting Serious with the Kids

Let's Get a Serious

Today was full of a bunch of casual, serious-matter conversations with seven-year-old Eliza, and I realized that we’ve never really written about a huge aspect of our parenting philosophy before.

We answer questions honestly.

That sounds simple, but it is actually really difficult. Kids, especially really inquisitive kids like Eliza, … Read the rest

Jonas got his first hair cut

…and it went something like this:

Party in the Back
First Hair Cut
No more party in the back
No more party in the back

But Jake says we have to take him to someone who can cut in a straight line tomorrow. … Read the rest

DIY Baby Food | How we fed Jonas

DIY Baby Food - How we Fed Jonas

We started making baby food for Jonas when he was six months old. We always planned on blogging about it, but somehow it’s more than a year later and there are no DIY Baby Food posts here on the Nerd Nest. A reader question reminded us that we should probably … Read the rest