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Music Monday Vol. 74

It’s a snow day around here! I E’s school called (with an automated message) in the wee hours this morning to let us know that school was out! The snow’s not bad, but we haven’t really had any all year. I think they were just giving the kids a chance … Read the rest

Music Monday: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras! We love us some Fat Tuesday. We both took French in high school and at my high school the big French party was Mardi Gras. We blew Cinco de Mayo out of the water.

I was president of French Club my senior year (nerd cred) and organizing a … Read the rest

December Daily Part 2: Day 3-7… Plus Music Monday

I FINALLY took photos of my December Daily album to share with you! But then I realized that there were over 50 photos of the book. A little much for one post. So I decided to break it up a bit.

You can see part one here

I took another … Read the rest

Music Monday on Tuesday – Autumn

Even though the official first day of Autumn was last week, this has been the first week in Kansas City that has really felt like Fall. So I finally feel like it is really here! Autumn is my very favorite season!

Autumn Book 2010

Autumn Book 2010

I started my Autumn mini book this week. I’ve

Read the rest

Music Monday + Scrapbook Pages

Why hello blogging world. We’re finally getting caught up on of our school things, so shared amazing craftiness should only be a few days away. We have a stash of new lovely things for the shop as well, which will be photographed as soon as we have a day without … Read the rest

Music Monday & Denver Recap

1 giant bag of beef jerky, 2 boxes of Gobstoppers, 1/2 can of cheese wiz, about 60 low-fat crackers, three Vitamin Waters, 6 cups of tea, 1 giant latte, 2 sodas, 18 hours in a car, and about 1000 miles was what it took to get there and back again. … Read the rest

Music Monday: Thankful Songs

In honor of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. this week, we have songs about things we are thankful for.

They are:

1. The amazing gift of life
2. Eliza
3. Freedom!
4. Living in the city
5. Friends and family
6. Our goals and dreams
7. Inquisitive natures
8. Indie … Read the rest

Music Monday: Rainy Day

The rain is not letting up here in Kansas City. That makes us want to stay in bed watching old movies all day. Well, that’s not entirely true. Jake and I want to snuggle in bed all day. Eliza wants to put her rain boots to good use. Those puddles … Read the rest

Music Monday: Happy Songs!

It’s great to have fun songs to bounce around to whilst cleaning and whatnot. So here are our favorite happy bouncing around songs. Warning: explicit content on “Army” and “Very Busy People”.

Happy Songs by Megan Anderson on Grooveshark

These always make me dance! What are your happy songs?… Read the rest

Halloween Recap + Music Monday

Our Halloween was crazy. After trick-or-treating across the street at the City Market in the morning, we drove to visit SEVEN relatives! Jake and I both have split up parents, so there are four grandparent sets + great-grandparent sets to visit.

It’s not surprising that we forgot to take photos … Read the rest