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October Reads 2016

October 2016 Reads | The Nerd Nest 1

I’ve been on an awesome productivity roll, busting out projects with the Freckled Fawn October kit. I decided to use the kit on some spreads covering recent times, but mostly focused on making pages for October 2016. I only completed my Day in the Life spread for that month … Read the rest

January Reads

January Reads

Welcome to my January reads!

For those of you new to the nest, I have a neurotic reading process. Each month I read at least part of a non-fiction book, a book about reading/writing/editing/language, and as many books from my color stacks as I can (my books are organized by … Read the rest

2011 Reads in Review

2011 Reads in Review

I like keeping track of things, and the books I read are at the top of my memory keeping list. If I want to re-read or recommend something I read 5 years ago, I can find the book pretty darn easily. But part of keeping track of what I read … Read the rest

December Reads

December Reads

Welcome to my reading list for December! I completed three books last month and started a fourth. I’m pretty sure this is the shortest stack there’s been since I started the monthly reads posts. But reflecting on how crazy December was and how tired I was the whole month, I’m … Read the rest

November Reads

November 2011 Reads

I never got around to posting my November Reads in December (most hectic month ever), so just pretend that I posted this a few weeks ago. Great.

For those of you that haven’t been following along, I’m working my way through those color stacks in the pictures behind me, trying … Read the rest

October Reads

October 2011 Reads

I didn’t get through very many books this month. I usually read before bed, but I’ve been super exhausted. I’ve been falling asleep before I even get through a whole chapter sometimes.

*Note: I’m not a crazy cat lady. Ashes was meowing doing figure 8’s around my ankles when Jake … Read the rest

September Reads

September 2011 Reads

Man, I didn’t get a whole lot read this month in terms of working through my color coded book stacks. Only one book from the stacks! But I read my history/sociology non-fiction book for the month and my reading/writing/editing book for the month, so I’m happy. I also spent … Read the rest

August Reads

August Reads

Coming to you a little late, it’s my monthly reads post!

Rainbow Book Stacks

I’m working my way through my color coded book stacks one stack at a time. My usual monthly pattern is: one book about reading/literature/editing/words, one non-fiction/history/sociology book, and as many books from the stacks as I can get through.… Read the rest

July Reads

July Reads

Coming a little late, it’s my July Reads! For those of you just tuning in, I’m going through all of my book stacks (which are organized by color) and reading everything I own that I haven’t read yet. This month the orange stack is through (though I got a bunch … Read the rest

June Reads

June Reads

I finally finished writing up my reads from June! Take a gander:

Post War

Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945
(Part 3: Recessional: 1971-1989) (2005) by Tony Judt

What you need to know:As I said in my April and May Reads posts, this book is advanced (collegiate level), so some … Read the rest