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Eliza Cashes In

Eliza and Opal the Owl Bank

A while back, we shared that Eliza modeled for Constructive Playthings catalogues. You can still find her sprinkled through their website. Eliza got paid in toys (not literally–in the form of a gift certificate) and last weekend we finally made the trip out to the Kansas US Toys Read the rest

Step 3: Cut Backs

One Step at a Time

In the first One Step at a Time post, I detailed our goal for the year: make small changes one step at a time so we could do more and get big intimidating goals finished over time. We’ve been keeping up with Step 1 and Step 2 just fine and … Read the rest

If I had 10,000

Eliza’s selling raffle tickets for her school. If you know us in real life, you have until the 10th to get yours! The raffle tickets are $5.00 to be entered into a $10,000 prize drawing.

Eliza's Early Bird Prize

Here’s Eliza’s tie-dye prize for selling 20 tickets before the early bird deadline.

We’re not … Read the rest