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Randomly Right Now

Faux Slumber Party

Faux Slumber Party

Faux Slumber Party

-The kids spend the few hours between Eliza getting home from school and dinner playing together. Often we play in the backyard or go on walks, today they had a faux slumber party in the hallway.

-There hasn’t been a full load of dirty laundry in our house since the … Read the rest

Hello Spring

Spring Buds

After an unseasonably warm winter and a freak snow last Friday, it seems that spring has arrived in Kansas City! One of the best surprises last year, or first year in Holly House, was the random flowers that sprung up around our yard.

Jake snapped a few photos of the … Read the rest

Jessica’s Here!


My best friend Jessica and her friends Steph and Jackii arrived at 7:00 A. M. this morning! HAPPY QUARTER OF A CENTURY JESSICA!!! (Today’s her birthday.)

Steph and Jackii, tired from the 8-9 hour drive from Denver, CO to Kansas City, MO slept while Jessica (who slept in the car) … Read the rest

I’m Superwoman!

Or something like her. The only purpose of this post is to brag, but I’m super proud of myself. Side note first:

Eliza's Bed

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll remember that Jake’s brother Nick lived with us from March 2011 to November 2011. Our house has five “bedrooms”: three on … Read the rest


We’ve been kicking off a four day weekend with a bang. Eliza didn’t have school today (Parent Teacher Conferences) and is going to be off Monday too (President’s Day). Jake doesn’t get either off (sucka!).


I’m looking forward to lots of mom-Eliza time. I miss getting her all to myself; … Read the rest

Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Typeography Art Finished

Today is for (finally) making the sister piece to the above Typeography Art, making chocolate strawberries and taking them to Jake’s office (Jonas and I are going to have lunch with him), and going on a dinner date to Noodles and Company (romantic, huh?) while the kids hang out … Read the rest

A Day in the Life Part 2

A Day in the Life

This week Ali Edwards challenged her blog readers to record a Day in the Life. Here’s the second part of yesterday, February 10, from mostly my perspective. (The photo above is part of E’s schoolwork. I love it.)

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

2:30 Finish up the blog post for Day in the Life Read the rest

Day in the Life Part 1

Challenge accepted. This week Ali Edwards challenged her blog readers to record a Day in the Life. As I just said, your story telling perspective is greatly dependent on your time frame. I love the idea of diving into a day and really getting the routine down.

A Day in the Life

I … Read the rest

Date Night at the Improv

Paul Nyakatura @ the Improv

Last night we dropped Eliza and Jonas off with Granny-ma (Jake’s mom) and Savanna (Jake’s sister) in their pajamas and set off to go on a hot date.

Our friend Paul Nyakatura (website* | twitter | Facebook) performed at the Improv for the Clash of the Comics … Read the rest