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Let’s Get Serious | Where are the Bee’s Knees?

Let's Get Serious | Where are the Bee's Knees?

This year, millions of bees have dropped dead. At first glance, you may shrug this off as no big deal… but it so is. Even if you’d never be caught dead in a shirt that reads, “Save the whales,” you should still care about bees. Because most of the stuff … Read the rest

Let’s Get Serious: Rape Culture


Infographic by Ultra Violet

I don’t have anything brilliant to say on the subject of rape culture. Rape culture is a cultural attitude that normalizes, tolerates, or condones rape. This post is not meant to be an argument over the extent that the United States is a rape culture, but … Read the rest

End 7

End 7 | Cause of the Month

Today we want to share with you a charity we’ve recently found and love: END 7, an advocacy campaign launched by Global Network with the goal of ending 7 neglected tropical diseases by the year 2020. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of parasitic and bacterial infections that infect … Read the rest

Getting Serious with the Kids

Let's Get a Serious

Today was full of a bunch of casual, serious-matter conversations with seven-year-old Eliza, and I realized that we’ve never really written about a huge aspect of our parenting philosophy before.

We answer questions honestly.

That sounds simple, but it is actually really difficult. Kids, especially really inquisitive kids like Eliza, … Read the rest

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is | On Boycotting

Let's Get a Serious

We’ve got strong beliefs around here, and we think that voting with our dollars is just as important as voting with ballots.

We boycott some companies that violate human rights and we try to buy from companies that support ethical practices. It’s a process that’s still in progress, so don’t … Read the rest

On Being Political

Let's Get a Serious

My name is Megan and I am a volunteer with the Missouri Democratic Party.

I said that sentence so many times last Sunday, as I canvassed. I knocked on 47 doors to support what I believe in, and I’ll knock on more and more every weekend until November, handing out … Read the rest

Reader Question | Do We Have Major Parenting Disagreements?

Let's Get a Serious

Read the rest

My Best Friend is a Guy | On Platonic Opposite-Sex Relationships

Let's Get a Serious

I’ve got two best friends: Jessica and Harvey. Jessica lives in Denver now, and there have been a lot of posts about her visiting us and visits to Denver to see her.

But the person you’ll hear about most if you read this blog is Harvey. Harvey was first in … Read the rest

On Recovering from Parenting Mistakes

Let's Get a Serious

Parenting is one of the things we do best, but we do screw up from time to time. We’re human. That’s life.

Some of the parenting mistakes that we make are from the “we didn’t know any better” camp. We felt awful after Eliza’s crib was recalled, for example, worrying … Read the rest

On Patriotism

Let's Get a Serious

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the States, and all of the “God Bless America”s, “Proud to be American”s and “America is the Greatest Country In the World”s got us thinking on the subject of patriotism.

Strong patriotism is something that doesn’t come naturally to either of us. This is … Read the rest