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7 Sites to Get You Started in Web Development

Web Dev

Web Development is a scary world for most people, but trust me: if Megan can go from barely being able to make a link in a blog post to knowing basic HTML in a year, anyone can.

Understanding code and development is important for bloggers. If you have the right … Read the rest

Learning Opportunity

Friday night we had a Christmas party for Megan’s side of the family. Poppy, Bev, Beth, Brad, Nathan, Julie, and Taylor all joined us for the most amazing chicken Parmesan I think I’ve ever had. We also had Eggplant Parmesan, which I’m sure was just as good but I didn’t … Read the rest

Eliza Can Read!

We don’t usually make Eliza’s Reads posts about non-chapter books (that would need to be an entire blog by itself), but this one deserves a mention.

Eliza's Reads:  Clifford Runs

Eliza read Clifford Runs to Story Time , a library book from school, all by herself!

We’ve been working on it awhile now and, … Read the rest