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Simple Twin Sized Striped Knit Blanket

Huge Knit Blanket for Eliza | The Nerd Nest

Twin Sized Knit Blanket | The Nerd Nest

Knit Blanket a Year in the Making | The Nerd Nest

I knitted a giant blanket for Eliza and it took me a year to complete! I started last November with a bunch of yarn and a very vague plan.

Yarn Colors for Knit Blanket Project | The Nerd Nest

I chose the colors based on the nesting doll curtains and dark teal furniture in Eliza’s room.

Giant Striped Garter Stitch Knit Blanket | The Nerd Nest

I didn’t plan out … Read the rest

Stripe Scarf | 2/52 Projects

Easy stripe scarf for beginning knitters! by Megan Anderson at the Nerd Nest

This year I’m going to up my knitting game. I have a big project in mind that is way beyond my skill set, so my solution is to knit a bunch of smaller projects that each teach me a new technique so that I can get to where I need … Read the rest

Ribbed Scarf for Jonas

Ribbed Scarf for Jonas

The minute I finished Eliza’s scarf, Jonas needed one of his own (of course!). You can tell handmade is a big value in your family when your toddler says, “You made it? So awesome!!! High five! Can you make one-a [one for] me?”

Ribbed Scarf for Jonas

Jonas picked out the color he … Read the rest

Easiest Scarf Ever

Easiest Scarf Ever | The Nerd Nest

Something like forever ago (over a year, maybe over two), I started to make a scarf for Eliza. It’s pretty much the easiest scarf ever: all Garter stitch (which means it’s all knit and no purl). But I lost one of the needles in typical Megan fashion, so progress on … Read the rest