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Eliza’s First Computer Program

Eliza Learns to Program

In June we went to the Maker Fair. Eliza and I were walking around looking at all of the tables and we saw one with a ton of Macs on it, so (naturally) we gravitated towards it. I recognized one of the people manning the tables: he had worked … Read the rest

The Summer Plan

Hello, Summer

It’s summer! Eliza’s last day of school was last Thursday. It’s going to be a short span of lazy days, however, because her summer school starts next week. Summer school for E is through her regular school. Its purpose is to keep the kids from loosing all of their French … Read the rest

Eliza’s Reward Jar

Eliza's Reward Jar

You’re about to learn how I use my sociology degree in my everyday life.

It’s weird to think about, but a big part of parenting is operant conditioning, or modifying behaviors based on consequences. We use a combination of positive reinforcement (adding an appetitive stimulus to increase a behavior) and … Read the rest

Eliza Cashes In

Eliza and Opal the Owl Bank

A while back, we shared that Eliza modeled for Constructive Playthings catalogues. You can still find her sprinkled through their website. Eliza got paid in toys (not literally–in the form of a gift certificate) and last weekend we finally made the trip out to the Kansas US Toys Read the rest