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Kristin and Jeff Take KC

Kristin and Jeff Visit KC | The Nerd Nest

A few weeks ago, Jeff and my soul lady Kristin came to stay for a long weekend. Visits like these are my favorite because it not only means long stretches of amazing friend time, but also that I get to do some of my favorite Kansas City things and play … Read the rest

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art | Louise Bourgeois | The Nerd Nest

Spider by Louise Bourgeois

Kansas City is filled with wonderful museums. When my out-of-town friends visited recently, they requested we add the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art to the itinerary. I was happy to oblige: I love this museum because special exhibits keep visits fresh, there is an emphasis on … Read the rest

The Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

My friends from Denver came for a surprise visit last weekend, and a visit to Kansas City isn’t complete without taking in the arts (and eating a lot of amazing food). We braved the numbing February weather and spent some time in the Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park.

I probably have about … Read the rest

Pausing to Take in Beauty

Kansas City Walk | The Nerd Nest 2

As part of my goal to savor this year, I’ve been working on slowing down and appreciating the things that are around me. One of the ways I do that is through photography.

Photo taking gets a bad rap. I hear a lot of “Put down the camera and live … Read the rest

Kansas City Maker Faire 2014

Kansas City Maker Faire 2014 | The Nerd Nest

We spent last Saturday at Kansas City Maker Faire, which is one of our favorite things to do as a family every year. The Maker Faire has amazing inventions, interesting technology, fun activities, and plenty of nerd culture references: enough to keep any sort of nerd overjoyed and engaged. … Read the rest

Our House Circa 1940


Last night, one of our neighborhood friends posted a picture she found of her house from 1940. We love that some of our friends in our historic neighborhood have photos of what their houses looked like years and years ago, and I have always been curious about the history of … Read the rest

Nerd Heaven | Maker Faire 2013












We love the Kansas City Maker Faire and have made it a tradition to go every year. This year didn’t disappoint: we left Jonas at home with my sister and got to spend six full hours in nerd heaven with our friends Michelle and Steve. It’s all of the best … Read the rest

My Favorite Place | Reverse Hybrid Layout

My Favorite Place | Reverse Hybrid Layout by Megan Anderson

The challenge at Document Life Workshop this week is to document your favorite place. I’m really a sappy “Home is Wherever I’m With You” person, but I’ve documented that. What I haven’t really documented is my favorite place on the map, and that just happens to be the city … Read the rest

Kit Bond Bridge

Kit Bond Bridge by Jake Anderson

It’s no secret I love a good photo walk, and most of the time my goal with them is to get several interesting photos. I wanted to get to play with my new camera last week without sacrificing too much of my limited alone time with Megan after the … Read the rest

Planet Comicon


Yesterday: Best. Day. Ever. Eliza, Jake, and I went to Planet Comicon for a day filled with nerdy awesomeness.


We headed straight for the most important Comicon place for Buffy obsessed Eliza and I: the Nicholas Brendon signing line. Yep, that’s Xander, holding Eliza. She’s been doing cartwheels ever since … Read the rest