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Jonas Said His First Word!

I was holding Jonas this morning, and the cat walked by. He reached for her and said, “Kit-ty”! Very clear, two syllables. “Kit-ty”! I know it wasn’t a fluke, because he said it three times before I let him down to chase her.

A Day in the Life

Ashes is very proud to be Jonas’s … Read the rest

Let Him Eat Cake

As I was editing the photos from the kids’ birthday party, I made an executive decision: I will not cut any of the 41 adorable photos of Jonas’s first cake experience. So I made a .gif animation:

I love the expression on Jonas’s face after he realizes the ice cream … Read the rest

Party On

Jonas's First Birthday Party

We’re recouping from the kid’s joint birthday party. Today was just family; we’re having a kid centric one for Eliza later in the month. We’ll give a full recap soon, but for now we HAD to share the photo of Jonas with cake in one fist and ice cream in … Read the rest

Jonas @ 12 Months

12-Jonas @ 12 Months

Jonas is one year old! Here’s how Jonas has changed since the 11 month mark.

Jonas @ 12 Months

The major theme of Jonas’s personality so far is that he’s a mover. As soon as he figures out a new way to move, he’s gone in a flash.

Jonas @ 12 Months

Last month we told … Read the rest

Jonas’s Birthday Recap

Jonas’s first birthday was on the 29th (the post is here) and the photos were too cute not to share.

We’re having a combined birthday party for both Eliza and Jonas next weekend, but we made sure Jonas’s actual birthday was special. Our favorite part was the birthday dinner.… Read the rest

Happy Birthday Jonas!

Jonas turned one today! Can you believe it? We can’t.

Jonas's First Year Part 1

We’re having both of the kid’s birthday parties for family and friends together on the 7th (Eliza’s birthday is the 8th), so today is laid back and just about Jonas. We’re having his two favorite foods (mac and cheese and … Read the rest

Jonas @ 11 Months

Jonas turned 11 months old back on the 29th, but it’s been a little difficult for us to keep up with the regularly scheduled programming around here. I can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from his first birthday! It went way way to fast, let us tell you. … Read the rest

Jonas @ 9 Months

Jonas @ 9 Months

Jonas is nine months old (as of yesterday)! Here’s how Jonas has changed since he hit the 8 month mark.

Jonas @ 9 Months

-This month, Jonas focused on moving this month. He started cruising last month, but this month he really mastered it. All he wants to do is move from object … Read the rest

Cloth Diapers: What We Use

We did a post on why we chose cloth diapers over disposables when Jonas was brand spankin’ new, but we’ve learned a lot and come a long way since then.

Cloth Diapers

We’ll be posting a short series on how we do the cloth diapering thing around here. This particular post focuses … Read the rest

There’s No Place Like Home

We’re not in Kansas anymore, blogland. We’ve hopped the state boarder back to the Missouri side of Kansas City after a week hiatus from the flea infested Holly House. Jake’s parents (aka Aba and Papa Timmy) kept us from being homeless while we bombed, powdered, sprayed, and washed the house. … Read the rest