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Room Tour: Science Bathroom

Science Bathroom

We thought it was due time for a little room tour! Welcome to our first floor half bath, where we fully live up to our blog name with an awesome science theme. It, like the rest of our house, is only halfway decorated (it needs paint, a mirror, and curtains, … Read the rest


Entryway - School Desk

Project Life is coming tomorrow – it was too dark today to take good photos.

I love school stuff. Jake likes to describe my decorating style as “8th grade classroom”. Which is probably spot on. We’ve got a school chair or a microscope in pretty much every room in the … Read the rest

Step 2. Our New Office

As I detailed in this post, my new mantra for 2012 is One Step at a Time. When I think about all of the things that I’d like to do and change, it can be a little overwhelming. So instead of making big goals, we’re taking it one … Read the rest

Holly House Anniversary: Our House Buying Story

Holly House! Woot woot!

That’s what Eliza yelled every time we talked about or drove by Holly House. We closed on our house one year ago today, and we couldn’t be happier with our new home.

Holly House!

You can see the before pictures of our house here.

There have been … Read the rest

Nesting Doll Curtains!

I finally finished the curtains for Eliza’s room! I’m a novice sewer, so these took me forever. They contain both my first attempt at hemming and my first attempt at ruffles.

Eliza's Nesting Doll Cafe Curtain

It took awhile for us to decide what kind of window treatments to use in Eliza’s room. The 100 … Read the rest

Solutions for your teeny artist

If your kid is anything like Eliza, then you have more art projects and colored pages than you have room on your fridge. We wanted to display her work, but somehow a lot of it just ended up lying around (everywhere).

Here’s our solution.


We made an art garland for … Read the rest

Before and After: Hat Rack

We needed a little extra help organizing our entryway. We put our lockers by the front door (100 year old houses rarely have coat closets), but Eliza couldn’t reach the hook in her locker to hang her jacket. And the arrangement didn’t leave us anywhere to put our hats.

So … Read the rest

Great Balls of Fire!

Jake is my hero. Literally. If he hadn’t been brilliant this evening, our beloved Holly House would have burned to the ground.

So… what happened was (this is embarrassing)… I was making breakfast for dinner and let my awesome Wolfgang Puck pan (the only nice pan we own; thanks Aunt … Read the rest

Before & After: Lighting it Up

One of the things that we found confusing after buying holly house was the lack of door on the master bathroom. Another was the light fixtures. All through the house, the light fixtures had been changed, except for the entryway, the two kids’ rooms, and the living room. (Go to … Read the rest

Before & After: Rusty Kitchen Cart Turned Nightstand

When choosing a nightstand for Megan’s side of the bed, we were met with a bit of a dilemma. Firstly, we’re living with a “use what you’ve got” philosophy until we have time to hit up estate and garage sales again ($$). Secondly, the nightstand also had to be able … Read the rest