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Eliza’s Harry Potter Birthday Party

Platform Nine and Three Quarters

A few weeks ago, Eliza had her very first kid-centered birthday party… almost two month after her actual birthday. But it took us awhile to be ready after Christmas break, and we had to post-pone because of snow, so we’re okay with that.

Eliza wanted a Harry Potter theme, so … Read the rest

Very Harry Birthday Progress

Eliza's Very Harry Birthday Party Invitation

We’re prepping for Eliza’s first kid-centered birthday party on the 23rd (even though her birthday is at the beginning of January). I finally got her invitations done (yay!). I’ll have them printed this weekend on regular photo paper so she can take them to school Monday.

I kept the invites … Read the rest

Halloween Recap

Hermione and Dobby

I know I already shared the kids’ costumes and the whole DIY process, but they were so cute on Halloween that I couldn’t resist posting more. Also, the whole trick-or-treating thing was ridiculously cute, and I want to copy / paste this post for a scrapbook page later.






Firstly, the … Read the rest

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

Hermione, Dobby, and a Park Ranger

Our October Project Challenge is to make something seasonal, and from the start we knew that the Halloween costumes for the kids would be a big part of that. With zero extra budget to put towards costumes and access to a pretty-much-craft-store in our house, making them was more of … Read the rest



Harry Potter fans, rejoice: Pottermore is open to the general public! Pottermore is a companion site to the Harry Potter series. It takes you through each chapter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the sections of the site for the other books haven’t been released yet) with detailed illustrations, … Read the rest

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Eliza's Reads: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In addition to the tons and tons of children’s picture books we read to Eliza and the few books she reads out loud to us weekly, we read chapter books aloud to her. Eliza is very proud to have Eliza’s Reads on the blog alongside my reads posts, and … Read the rest

Eliza’s Reads: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Eliza's Reads: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Eliza and I have moved on to reading chapter books together before she goes to bed. We read picture books every other night (so she can pick up word recognition and learn to read on her own), but three or four nights a week Potter is king. Eliza, who is … Read the rest

This is Only the Beginning (of Harry Potter)

The Interweb is abuzz with grief that Harry Potter is truley ending tonight, as the last movie premiers. Just in case you haven’t heard; we’d like to tell you not to worry. The end is not nigh. Because come October, there will be Pottormore. What is Pottormore, you may … Read the rest