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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 10

1. The Crafty Ass Female podcast has been my favorite thing to listen to this year, and I’m excited that they are now on Patreon! My favorite perk of supporting the show is “afterchatter” for the episodes.

2. The thing I’ve read that has freaked me out the most … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 9

1. One of our most used toys is the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set. It stays in our downstairs bathroom (which is science themed) so the kids can whip up “experiments” at the sink (I have to clean up a lot of soap scum). Yesterday the kids … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 8

1. Despite the alarmist title, the article Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? has some really interesting insights into the effects of smartphone use on youth, using generational statistics. There’s a lot of things to consider in there for my fellow tween (and teen) parents.

2. Jake and I went to … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 6

1. My favorite sweet treat right now is almond M&Ms. I buy a sharing bag for the week and pop a few while I’m reading at night (though they are getting harder to find with all of the coffee / caramel flavors taking prominence right now).

2. I’m really … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 5

1. It’s just better when everyday things are cute. It’s been really cold here in Kansas City, so a little Ototo Nessie Ladle peeking out of my soup is making me very happy right now. I also love that the ladle is practical–it stands up, so no more ladle sliding … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 4

1. I was sick recently and binged myself a bunch of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – and now I’m re-watching it agin from the beginning with Jake. Feminist musical comedy? Yes please. The first two seasons are on Netflix. (Kristin has been trying to get me into this for like a … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Here are some of the things I’m loving this week:

Friday Favorites 2

1. My hands, especially my knuckles, have been very dry recently, thanks to the drop in humidity and constant hand washing after changing baby diapers and cleaning. I tried out Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing hand cream trio and it is … Read the rest

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites_1

I’m starting a new series around here! I needed to slow down on blogging for a long time there, but I’m back to it regularly enough now for a weekly something. There are lots of things I’ve been excited about, so a round up of favorite things I’ve been using, … Read the rest