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How a Nerd Dad Makes Spelling Homework Fun


I received an email from Eliza’s teacher today, and it included a list of her spelling words for the week (in French, of course). Knowing that she’s had trouble with this in the past (least favorite subject of hers), I decided to make a web application for Eliza to make … Read the rest

Eliza’s Kindergarden Experience in a French Immersion School

J'aime le francais

I took seven years of French in school, but my six-year-old has blown past me with the language.

That’s because Eliza has spent the last year in a full immersion French school. Everything in her school is taught in French: math, science, reading, music, gym… everything but her English class … Read the rest

Eliza’s First Day of School Video

Jake interviewed Eliza after her first day of school last week:

Read the rest

Eliza’s first day of school!

Eliza’s first day of school was today! Her school has a summer program that runs from now until the end of July; then they’ll pick back up in August. The summer program is a month long and is all-day Kindergarten. They play and craft more and focus on academics less … Read the rest