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October Challenge Results Link-Up

October Project Challenge

At the beginning of every month, we post a challenge for ourselves and you! At the end of the month, in theory, we’ll post our completed projects (Jake and I are both doing one) and will have a link-up for you to share yours! The projects can be interpreted in Read the rest

Pumpkin Patch Day!

Today we went to the Red Barn Farm in Weston, MO. It’s a pretty long drive from the city out to the farm, but it is so worth it.

Red Barn Farm 2011

Because it’s more than a pumpkin patch – it’s a real farm with animals and everything. Which is awesome.

Farm Animals

Jonas spent … Read the rest

What’s for Dinner

Autumn is here! Even if it isn’t official; we’ve been having some wonderful fall weather and that calls for autumn food! Bring on the stews, soups, chilis, apples and pumpkin! Here’s what we’ve been eating for the past week or so to celebrate the season change.

What's for Dinner?

Rachel Ray’s Chicken Apple Read the rest