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Halloween Recap

Hermione and Dobby

I know I already shared the kids’ costumes and the whole DIY process, but they were so cute on Halloween that I couldn’t resist posting more. Also, the whole trick-or-treating thing was ridiculously cute, and I want to copy / paste this post for a scrapbook page later.






Firstly, the … Read the rest

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

Hermione, Dobby, and a Park Ranger

Our October Project Challenge is to make something seasonal, and from the start we knew that the Halloween costumes for the kids would be a big part of that. With zero extra budget to put towards costumes and access to a pretty-much-craft-store in our house, making them was more of … Read the rest

DIY Vintage Sheet Pet Net

DIY Vintage Sheet Pet Net

One of our goals for our June Project Challenge was to use some of the vintage sheets we’ve been hoarding. Today we finally have one vintage sheet project down (and several in-progress): we used a vintage sheet to make a hammock-like pet net in Eliza’s closet for all of her … Read the rest

DIY Daybook Filled | Eliza at 6

Eliza at 6 | Title

Monday, I shared a Daybook Minibook Tutorial over at Campfire Chic. Today, I’m going to show you how I filled it up!

Eliza at 6 | Cover

I decided to use this mini book to paint a picture of what Eliza is like right now. I feel like Project Life is a great way … Read the rest

Jonas’s Space Shelf DIY

Jonas's Space Shelf

Jonas now has an awesome shelf in his room to hold some of his cool space stuff. We’re so excited to finally have it up! One step closer to a room tour.

Jonas's Space Shelf

Having this cool display really brightens up Jonas’s room and we’re glad to not have everything crammed onto … Read the rest

Cafe Curtain with Ruffle from a Thrifted Pillowcase + Ruffle Video Tutorial

Cafe Curtain from a Thrifted Pillowcase

Today I’m going to show you how to make these awesome cafe curtains out of a pillowcase. There’s even a video tutorial for the most difficult part: the ruffle.

There are a lot of pretty leaded glass windows in our old house, and I hate covering up the awesome design … Read the rest

Light Graffiti

Light Graffiti

We … Read the rest

DIY Typography Art Part 2

DIY Typography Art

Last year on our anniversary, we shared a DIY Typography Tutorial. The resulting art was supposed to be one of two, but it took me all year to get to the above sister piece. Hah!

The messages on the art are our love notes to each other. The above … Read the rest

2012 Calendar Tutorial

2012 Calendar Tutorial

This handmade 2012 calendar was supposed to be part of our 12 Days series, but obviously we only got halfway there before Christmas. We’re cool with it. 12 was a goal. Better luck this year.

Anywho, we’re still going to post all of the tutorials over the next few weeks. … Read the rest

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 – Super Quick Brag Book

Super Quick Brag Book copy

Here at the Nerd Nest we’re teaming up with Allie from Alexandra Rae Designs to bring you 12 Days of Christmas (Projects)! It’s our goal to create 12 projects each for Christmas decor, gifts, and memory keeping by the 25th. That means you’ll get 24 DIY tutorials this month! Read the rest