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Costume Planning | Star Wars


Eliza and Jake are going with Doctor Who costumes for Halloween, but Jonas and I are going the Star Wars route.

Jonas is going to be young Anakin, because, well, look at him. Little Jonas has it in the bag.


Here’s what I’m planning on doing for Jonas: We’re … Read the rest

Costume Planning | Doctor Who

Doctor & Rose

Last year, we made DIY costumes Harry Potter costumes for the kids, and this year we’re aiming to outdo ourselves. However, we’re going to be a house divided, split between Doctor Who and Star Wars. Here are the Doctor Who costume plans, which we’re going to try to make a … Read the rest

Halloween Recap

Hermione and Dobby

I know I already shared the kids’ costumes and the whole DIY process, but they were so cute on Halloween that I couldn’t resist posting more. Also, the whole trick-or-treating thing was ridiculously cute, and I want to copy / paste this post for a scrapbook page later.






Firstly, the … Read the rest

Step 5: Play Clothes Wardrobe

One Step at a Time

This year we’re running with the mantra One Step at a Time. We’re tackling tons of little tasks and making small changes that will hopefully add up to help us reach our big goals for the year. Taking it one step at a time keeps us from getting overwhelmed, Read the rest