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Our Typewriter Collection

Royal Portable Woodgrain

Jake: How’d you like to see our typewriters in their natural habitats? I thought so.

It’s been made pretty well known that I’m not the collector in the house. Megan and Eliza are crazy about collecting, but if I were a bachelor, it would be minimalism that ruled. Of course, … Read the rest

Eliza’s Pez Collection

Eliza's Pez Collection

We’ve got a lot of collections around here, and it seems that Eliza inherited the collecting gene from her mama. She wants to collect everything: from specimens for her microscope to Lalaloopsies, everything seems better in larger quantities.

On the parenting front, it’s a bit hard to balance encouraging collecting … Read the rest

Collections: Plastic Character Mugs

Collections: Plastic Character Mugs

We are collectors. It’s dangerous. It’s bad for our budget. It’s bad for Jake’s dream of a minimalist household (hah!). Most of our collections are already obnoxious. But some of them are just budding.

Ninja Turtles Mug

According to Lisa Congdon, author of Collection a Day, if you have three of … Read the rest


Entryway - School Desk

Project Life is coming tomorrow – it was too dark today to take good photos.

I love school stuff. Jake likes to describe my decorating style as “8th grade classroom”. Which is probably spot on. We’ve got a school chair or a microscope in pretty much every room in the … Read the rest

Globe Collection

Nerd Nest Collections
We love collections. And by we I mean me and Eliza. Jake is by nature a collector too, but he thinks that gadgets don’t count (his collections are for doing things with, not for looking pretty). Eliza and I, we collect for the love of collecting. Which is why we’re … Read the rest

Thrifty Finds: Children’s Book Collection

Sometimes thrifty finds seem good to be true. Also, sometimes they pop up in places you wouldn’t expect. It’s no secret that we love books around here. They’re taking over the house, really. We have way more books than bookshelf space. But this find was irresistible.

Vintage Children's Book Stack

How much do you … Read the rest

New Obsession + Mini Update

Kitchen Library Cart W/ Enamelware

To Jake’s horror, I’m always finding new things to collect. Records, globes, books, craft supplies, art prints, typewriters… multiple collections can get a little expensive. I’ve just found a new obsession, but at least this one is mostly functional. And it should cheer up the place a bit. My least … Read the rest