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How a Nerd Dad Makes Spelling Homework Fun


I received an email from Eliza’s teacher today, and it included a list of her spelling words for the week (in French, of course). Knowing that she’s had trouble with this in the past (least favorite subject of hers), I decided to make a web application for Eliza to make … Read the rest

Image Place Holder for Designers

Need to test out the sizes of images on your sidebar? Designing a blog post around images you don’t have yet? Want to see how different sizes of images would look on your new blog layout? Here’s a quick way to insert images into your design before you have images. … Read the rest

Learn to Align Your Photos with HTML Floating

Learn to Align Your Photos with HTML Floating

This month, we’ve been posting ways you can become the master of the images on your blog. We started by Demystifying Image Code and then showed you how to Space Photos with Padding last week. This week we’re focusing on a new skill: floating.

What is floating? Floating is … Read the rest

How to | Add Padding to Your Blog Photos

Learn to Space Your Photos with HTML Padding

It’s really valuable to learn a bit of HTML if you are a blogger, and learning how to add padding to your photos in order to space them correctly is such a necessary skill to add to your blogging toolbox! We recently shared how to Demystify Image Code. Now … Read the rest

Demystifying Image Code

Dymystify Image Code

Do you ever look at the HTML code for your images and feel like it’s some sort of alien language? I’m with you– all of that code can be super intimidating at first. But learning to demystify that code can allow you to be the master of your own images … Read the rest

How to Check Your RSS Feed

How to Check Your RSS Feed

A lot of the blogs that we read haven’t been showing up in our reader lately. We use Bloglovin’, and it can be rather finicky (so can Google Reader). A lot of a blog’s most loyal followers use readers, and readers rely on a valid RSS Feed, which … Read the rest

Eliza’s First Computer Program

Eliza Learns to Program

In June we went to the Maker Fair. Eliza and I were walking around looking at all of the tables and we saw one with a ton of Macs on it, so (naturally) we gravitated towards it. I recognized one of the people manning the tables: he had worked … Read the rest

How to | Write HTML Links that Open Up in a New Tab

How to Make Links Open in a New Tab Using HTML

One of my biggest pet peeves on blogs is links that don’t open up in a new tab. Why is that a pet peeve? Let’s say I’m reading a post from one of my favorite bloggers, and they share an awesome link. I’ll click on the link, get absorbed into … Read the rest

I love Jake Because…

…when someone ordered this,

Handpainted Nerd Mugs

they got this on the back of their order:


Because if they order a nerd mug, they must be into learning.… Read the rest

How to | Resize Blog Photos Uniformly Using CSS

How to Resize Blog Photos Using CSS
Blogs look so much better when photos are uniform in size and are proportional to the width of the content column of the blog. It looks funny if you’ve got some photos that are tiny and some that are giant, when portrait and landscape photos aren’t the same width, or … Read the rest