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Before and After: Vintage Dress

This vintage early ’90s Express Dress was an amazing thrift store find last year for $3. I wore it several times last fall… until I saw photos of me in the dress. The length was not flattering on me, people. So last Monday Megan 2 and I set out to … Read the rest

Before and After: Hat Rack

We needed a little extra help organizing our entryway. We put our lockers by the front door (100 year old houses rarely have coat closets), but Eliza couldn’t reach the hook in her locker to hang her jacket. And the arrangement didn’t leave us anywhere to put our hats.

So … Read the rest

Before & After: Eliza’s Dollhouse

We bought this dollhouse shelf for Eliza when she was less than two years old. She’s outgrown it. Not because she’s no longer playing with dolls. On the contrary, Barbie got a lot of furniture this past Christmas. She grew out of the furniture because the color scheme DOES NOT … Read the rest

Before & After: Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard

We’re at DIYing again! This time we attacked the kitchen. I wanted a chalkboard to put our menu/ things we need on. I’m always loosing my grocery list and forgetting why I bought the food that I bought (plus we like any excuse to make things into chalkboards).

B&A Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard

We don’t … Read the rest

Before & After: Lighting it Up

One of the things that we found confusing after buying holly house was the lack of door on the master bathroom. Another was the light fixtures. All through the house, the light fixtures had been changed, except for the entryway, the two kids’ rooms, and the living room. (Go to … Read the rest

Before & After: Rusty Kitchen Cart Turned Nightstand

When choosing a nightstand for Megan’s side of the bed, we were met with a bit of a dilemma. Firstly, we’re living with a “use what you’ve got” philosophy until we have time to hit up estate and garage sales again ($$). Secondly, the nightstand also had to be able … Read the rest