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Jonas Can Army Crawl!

Uh-oh. We need to baby proof yesterday.

P. S. This video is from yesterday and was taken with my phone.… Read the rest

Teething Sucks

Jonas is adding some upper chompers to his two bottom teeth this week, and man has it been rough.


Baby tooth numbing medication is on its way to becoming re-called and pediatricians are warning against its use in children under two (read why here and here). So we’re stuck … Read the rest

Double Trouble

Today was my first day watching Mr. Nathan (2 1/2 months)! I’ll be watching him a few days a week from now on. Jonas and Nathan are going to have so much fun growing up together! Instant besties.

Thank goodness my sister Taylor came to help; Jonas is teething and … Read the rest

Who do I look like?

Jonas at almost 3 months

Obviously, one of the first things we did after our babies were born after getting over our instant euphoria was try to take cred for body parts. Hey, he has my ears! She totally has my lips!


But let’s face it, newborns are mushy. You can’t make out a lot … Read the rest