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Cloth Diaper Cleaning Process

Cloth Diaper Cleaning Process

We’ve used cloth diapers with Jonas since pretty much the very beginning (we used disposables while Jonas and I were in the hospital) and we’ve learned a lot since then. We did’t know anyone who used them when we first started, so it was pretty much trial and error and … Read the rest

Jonas @ 12 Months

12-Jonas @ 12 Months

Jonas is one year old! Here’s how Jonas has changed since the 11 month mark.

Jonas @ 12 Months

The major theme of Jonas’s personality so far is that he’s a mover. As soon as he figures out a new way to move, he’s gone in a flash.

Jonas @ 12 Months

Last month we told … Read the rest

Happy Birthday Jonas!

Jonas turned one today! Can you believe it? We can’t.

Jonas's First Year Part 1

We’re having both of the kid’s birthday parties for family and friends together on the 7th (Eliza’s birthday is the 8th), so today is laid back and just about Jonas. We’re having his two favorite foods (mac and cheese and … Read the rest

Jonas @ 11 Months

Jonas turned 11 months old back on the 29th, but it’s been a little difficult for us to keep up with the regularly scheduled programming around here. I can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from his first birthday! It went way way to fast, let us tell you. … Read the rest

Cloth Diaper Q & A

We’re finishing up our last cloth diaper post, which should go up at the beginning of next week (Tuesday maybe?). So now would be a good time to get in your Q’s, if you have them, so we can make sure they get A’ed! Just leave a comment below.


Miss … Read the rest

Jonas @ 9 Months

Jonas @ 9 Months

Jonas is nine months old (as of yesterday)! Here’s how Jonas has changed since he hit the 8 month mark.

Jonas @ 9 Months

-This month, Jonas focused on moving this month. He started cruising last month, but this month he really mastered it. All he wants to do is move from object … Read the rest

Scrapbooking Supplies as Gift Wrap

While I edit the oodles of photos we took over our “staycation” this weekend, I thought I’d give you a bit of eye candy.

Scrapbooking Supplies as Gift Wrap

We sold an Antique Book from our shop recently to a couple who made the purchase as a birth gift for their new baby daughter. They … Read the rest

Jonas @ 7 months

Jonas @ 7 months

Here’s what’s new with the J-bird since he hit the 6 month mark. As is habit, this is coming late. J-bird hit the 7 month mark back on the 29th.

-This past month contained the hardest teething we’ve had so far. He’s up to four teeth now.

-Jonas is … Read the rest

Jonas @ 6 Months

This post is a little late. Jonas actually hit the 6 month mark back on the 29th of June. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in just the two weeks since then! But we’ll pretend we’re posting this on time. Here’s everything Jonas was doing when he hit the 6 … Read the rest

Jonas gets a Guitar Lesson

Jonas gets a lesson from Uncle Nick

As you all know, our 5th Nerd in the house is my Brother Nick, who plays guitar. And it isn’t just him that plays the guitar, there is a whole slew of cousins and uncles that play the guitar in the Anderson Family. (Nick did a music post about BonnarooRead the rest