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365 2011: Week 24 and 25

365 2011 Week 24

Day 162. The kids and I went to Beth’s baby shower, Jake took engagement photos of Harvey and Lisa at the Scottish Highland festival, where we went to a Flatfoot 56 concert. Read all about it here.

Day 163. We went to Poppy’s birthday party. It was great getting … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 23

365 2011: Week 23

Day 155. We went to Jake’s Dad’s for a big birthday bash for Mary Lou (Grandma Lou). It was the hugest non-wedding party I’ve ever been to! Read more about it here.

Day 156. Half Price books had their kick off for their summer reading program and our very … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 22

365 2011: Week 22

Day 148. We spent the day rearranging furniture again. This photo is from the walk we took to take a break. Jonas loves his octopus and is always happier if he has one toy to hang out with while we’re walking all around.

Day 149. Jonas turns 5 months. … Read the rest

365 2011: Weeks 20 and 21

Week 20

Day 134. Jonas is becoming good friends with the kitties. Charcoal (pictured) was afraid of Jonas at first, but now they are good buddies. Snuggle buddies, so long as the snuggling is supervised. Jonas just started getting interested in the kitties over the last few weeks. We have to keep … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 19

365 2011: Week 19

Day 127. We finally found an uber busy park near our house! Playgounds are so much more fun when there are tons of kids. Eliza made new friends while Jake, Jonas, and I hung out reading on a big quilt in the grass. Perfect.

Day 128. Mother’s Day

Day 129. … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 18

Week 18

Day 120. As I said in Week 17, our good friend Megan D. came to stay with us for a few days. She lives in Nebraska, but we’re hoping to get her to settle into the Nest. We have to help her find the perfect social work job in … Read the rest

365 2011 Weeks 15, 16 and 17

365 2011:  Week 15

Day 99. Jake and I outside of Murray’s, the best ice cream in town. We’ll blog about the ice cream shop soon, we promise. Yum! It was a freak weather day in the 90s. We’re a little ashamed, but we drove even though it is less than 2 miles … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 13 and Week 14

Here’s two weeks of 365 photos in one post!

365 2011 Week 13

Day 85. We went to a giant family party on Jake’s side and Jonas got to meet his baby boy cousins for the first time!

Day 86. Jake and Eliza make Octopus and Cheese

Day 87. All smiles from Mr. Jonas! … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 11

365 2011: Week 11

Day 71. We spent a good deal of the day cleaning. Taylor (my sister) and Savanna (Jake’s sister) both spent the night. Nick helped keep Eliza entertained with Little Big Planet (she’s terrible at video games, but she has fun dressing up the sack people).

Day 72. Party! We had … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 10

365 2011: Week 10

Day 64. National let’s try to DIY awesome curtains day (just kidding). My mom ( a.k.a. Mimi) came over to help me make curtains for our very large front window. We’ll be sharing the finished product soon, but it is taking FOREVER (thanks Mom). In this photo my mom, my … Read the rest