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365 2011: Week 52 + 365 Reflections

It is so amazing that this is the final 365 week for 2011. When we started this project, I honestly didn’t think that we could do it. But after the dismal amount of photos we took in 2010 (they were almost all product shots for the shop), we knew we … Read the rest

365 2011: Weeks 47-51

The holiday madness made it a little difficult to get all of our regular posts made, but we still have been working diligently behind the scenes. I can’t believe that we’re all the way through Week 51 of the 365! We’ve been taking a photo a day (ish) for a … Read the rest

365 Weeks 43-46

365 2011 Week 43

Day 295. This photo is the reason there are 4 weeks of 365s in this post. Jake, Jonas, and I went to the wedding of one of Jake’s best friends from high school. She looked so beautiful. And the bride and groom’s first dance was the most epic salsa dancing … Read the rest

365 Week 42

365 2011 Week 42

Day 288. Eliza went to a neighborhood get-together. Some kids from Eliza’s school drove by to tell us about it: there are events in the park in our ‘hood so that the kids, who are spread out and go to different schools for the most part, can to get to … Read the rest

365 Week 41

Week 41

Day 281. Jessica is still in town (we had an awesome tea date at Tea Drops sans kids)! We go to baby Nathan’s baptism.

Day 282. We spend the whole day hanging with Jessica. We went to the City Market in the morning with Eliza and had Grinders for lunch. … Read the rest

365 Weeks 38, 39, & 40

Week 38

Day 260. Jake takes senior photos for my sister Taylor.

Day 261. My best friend Harvey gets married! Lisa is amazing and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. The day is crazy: I’m a groomsman, Eliza is a flower girl, and Jake is the photographer. Whew!

Day 262. … Read the rest

Big 365 Catch Up: Weeks 32 – 37

Those of you who have been following us for awhile know our 365 2011 project. We’re taking a photo a day this year and compiling them into weekly photo collages. You also might be wondering where they’ve gone. Don’t worry: we didn’t give up! We’ve gotten super behind on blogging … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 31

365 2011: Week 31

Day 211. Lisa’s wedding shower! It was tons of fun. We watched Nathan for the night so Beth & Brad go out. Double babies is way easier when Jake’s there too.

Day 212. Mr. Jonas pigging out on sweet potato puffs (or as we say, Pooooofs!). He loves to snack … Read the rest

365 2011: Week 29 and 30

365 2011 Week 29

Day 197. Jonas hardly ever uses his swing anymore, but Jake put him in there while we were fixing dinner and this was the result. Hah!

Day 198. We went to see Harry Potter 7. I cried through half of the movie. Jake is playing COD in the photo.

Day … Read the rest

365: Week 26, 27, and 28

Week 26

Day 176. Corbin spent the night and our friend Matt came over with his dog Pav (as in Pavlov… don’t worry, the pouch still has his cheeks). Eliza spent the night with her Abba and Papa Timmy (we basically traded kids). Jonas ate carrots for the first time; it … Read the rest