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Pocket scrapbooking is a simple documentation solution, but a year long memory keeping project can be overwhelming. There are many places to get held up in the process.

Finally, a class that will keep you motivated all year long!

Pocket Your Year is for pocket scrapbookers and Project Lifers. Throughout the year, Megan Anderson will be sharing multiple solutions to common trouble spots so you can decide what’s best for you. Work on improving photography, journaling, process, and design.

All pocket scrapbookers are welcome: whether you use your stash, stick with a simple Project Life system, use a small format, or go digi, there will be something for you!

This guided class runs from January 2015 to December 2015. You can join the class any time throughout the year! Access months of self-paced content already at your fingertips, then look forward to guided content throughout the rest of the year. In the classroom now, you’ll find units on topics like finding your process, developing a documentation routine, fitting it all in, finding your style, organization, and reassessment.

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31 Days of Challenges | Challenge 7 | Pocket Your Year 6

Pocket Your Year includes:

•unlimited access to private blog

•downloadable monthly video presentations

•monthly process videos

•weekly idea blog posts

•bonus videos and content

•e-mail access to instructor

•free Facebook community

Here’s a sample of the kind of content you’ll find in the class:

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What Students Are Saying:

“I love the perfect combination of structure and flexibility that Pocket Your Year provides. You can easily fit it into whatever schedule works best for you, and just when you may find yourself starting to get burned out or uninspired with your album, a new monthly prompt arrives to reignite your interest and get you motivated again!” -Megan Woolston

“Pocket Your Year is my new favorite class. I love the structure of weekly prompts and monthly videos, Megan provides tons of nice and useful examples of her own spreads, leading you through the choice of the kind of scrapbook that works for you and how to avoid burnout organizing your work. I think this online class is perfect whether you’re a digital or physical scrapbooker, but, above all, if you want to start from scratch. After several years, well, nothing, I decided to restart scrapbooking and Pocket Your Year is really helping me to rediscover my own skills and methods. Something to look forward every Thursday!” -Alice Greenleaf

“Megan’s approach to Project Life and teaching techniques is just wonderful. She presents ideas and tips, but in a way that you can apply it to your own memory keeping, even if you have a different style or approach. Amazing! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings! ” -Allie Trumpower

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Pocket Your Year 31 Days of Challenges

31 Days of Challenges

Special content included!

Each day throughout the month of August, the course included a pocket scrapbooking challenge to motivate you to make more spreads!

Challenges are in the areas of storytelling, stash busting, journaling, process, making it work, photography, and experimenting.

That means over 31 days of exclusive projects to inspire you, including 15 process videos.

And even better–the class collectively shared 500 new spreads before the end of September, so a bonus unit will be added in November!

These course extras are all there for you to use at your own pace.

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