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August Reads

Reads Post | Megan Anderson | The Nerd Nest

I read a big stack of books last month, so I’m going to race through them with you!

Books I Read in August | Reveiws at the Nerd Nest

Here are the books I read in August:

Cane River (2001) Lalita Tademy

This was my favorite book of the month and might sit among my favorites period.

In this familial epic, … Continue

Project Life 2014 | July 27-30

#projectlife at The Nerd Nest

I love documenting my life with weekly Project Life spreads! At the end of each month, I batch edit and order the previous month’s photos and then work on spreads in batches. This week, I’m sharing a spread from the end of July.

Click on the photos for a larger … Continue

Nerdy Shares


I’ve found some cool (nerdy) stuff on the web lately. Here’s some of it for you to enjoy!

  • Doctor Who is my favorite television show on air now, but it can be pretty darn problematic when it comes to portrayals of women. I love the reviews from Whovian Feminism on
  • Continue

Project Life Stop Motion | 20/52 Projects

I’ve had to keep one of the trickiest projects I’ve made lately under wraps until now: a stop motion video to promote Catch Up with Project Life! It isn’t perfect, but I think it’s pretty dang cute. Watch through (it is only 1 minute long) and then I’ll tell … Continue

Let’s Get a Little Bit Creative

Let's Get a Little Bit Creative

This week, let’s take the time to be a LITTLE BIT creative.

Last week we talked about Creative Roadblocks, and I shared that one of the big things that stops me from being creative: time. I’ll bet you also have trouble with time. You might not have enough time … Continue

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