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Project Life 2014 | June 16-21

#projectlife with Jade and postcards | The Nerd Nest

I love documenting my life with weekly Project Life spreads! At the end of each month, I batch edit and order the previous month’s photos and then work on spreads in batches. This week, I’m sharing a spread from mid-June.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

June 16-21… Continue

Doctor Who Guess Who | 18\52 Projects

Homemade Doctor Who Guess Who | The Nerd Nest

My family is obsessed with Doctor Who. Jake and I have been looking for Whovian activities to do with the kids, but we’ve been coming up short. I mean, sure, we do play “Don’t Blink” tag while pretending to be Weeping Angels…which for some reason Jonas and Eliza find fun … Continue

30 Days of Lists Blog Hop

30 Days of Lists Blog Hop | The Nerd Nest

Today is the 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop! While we’re waiting for the listing to begin September 1, Kam and Amy challenged newsletter subscribers to pick a list from the March 2011 30 Days of Lists. Ever the overachiever, I picked three.

I love doing 30 consecutive lists … Continue

Eliza’s Self Portrait with Stuff

Eliza's 1st Day of 3rd Grade

Eliza’s first day of third grade was last week, and her first assignment for her English class was the coolest. She picked a few items that represent her to bring to school, so the class can get to know each other better. I love this assignment and think that photographing … Continue

Confessions of a Class Junkie Vol. 11

Scrapbooking family portraits : The Nerd Nest

I take a silly amount of memory keeping classes online and I’m here again to share my takes with you!

For this round, I’m sharing layouts from Scrapbooking With Style by Kelly Purkey (currently 25% off) and the Big Picture Classes workshop Here and There Inspiration by Kelly Purkey and … Continue