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Awesome Ladies Project

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 1

Awesome Ladies Project Community Workshop

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s Awesome Ladies day!

My friend Kristin challenges you to pledge two hours a month making something that makes you feel awesome.

In addition to an awesome community, this year Kristin has introduced a FREE classroom that includes … Continue

February 8-14 | Pocket Scrapbooking 2015

February 8-13 | Poket Scrapbooking | The Nerd Nest 1

This year, I’m making weekly pocket scrapbooking spreads in addition to other forms of memory keeping, like monthly spreads for Day in the Life and thematic pages. I include monthly breaks in my album for all of the extra documenting I like to include over and above weekly documenting.

Click … Continue

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art | Louise Bourgeois | The Nerd Nest

Spider by Louise Bourgeois

Kansas City is filled with wonderful museums. When my out-of-town friends visited recently, they requested we add the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art to the itinerary. I was happy to oblige: I love this museum because special exhibits keep visits fresh, there is an emphasis on … Continue

30 Days of Lists Blog Hop

30 Lists Blog Hop | The Nerd Nest 1

Today is the 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop! While we’re waiting for the listing to begin March 1, Kam and Amy challenged listers to pick a list from the March 2011 30 Days of Lists. If you want to play along, leave your take on the 30 Days Continue

Internet Culture

Internet Culture | The Nerd Nest

This month’s Nerd Nest Challenge is you only know if…

For other takes on this challenge, I’ve documented family language and inside jokes with friends. I wanted to broaden my thinking for this take and document things you’d only really understand if you’re from my generation. I thought about all … Continue

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