July 2018 Nerd Nest Challenge

The July Nerd Nest Challenge is to Overlap.

Try these ideas: Change up a grid design by breaking a few elements over the lines. Fit more photos onto a page by slightly overlapping them in a collage. Offset one item in a grid to draw attention to it. Overlap an embellishment onto another layer on your page to ground it. There are lots of ways to use overlapping in design!

July 2018 Nerd Nest Challenge 2

For my take on the challenge, I documented a little bit of fun in downtown Kansas City, where I met Jake over lunch while he had jury duty.

I used three color photographs of murals by my favorite local artist Scribe as a background of sorts and overlapped a photo of Jake and Jonas playing pinball. Making the pinball photo black & white helped keep the photos from getting visually cluttered while helping me fit more photos on this 8.5×11 page. Staggering a black rectangle behind this photo helped it to stand out as well!

I mimicked the overlapped placement from the pinball photo onto the journaling tag as well.

And there’s one more example of overlapping: the wood veneer stars overlap the photo and the black rectangle behind it to help visually attach them to those elements on the page.

July 2018 Nerd Nest Challenge 1

I love how overlapping makes a bold statement on this simple page.

I want to see your take on the challenge! Share a link in the comments or use the hashtag #nerdnestchallenge on social media!