31 Challenges Sneak Peek

New workshops are coming and it’s your last chance to get 31 Challenges in its current self-paced email format!

Are you ready for a daily dose of pocket scrapbooking inspiration?

You’ll start with a few emails to help you get ready, then you’ll get a pocket scrapbooking challenge every day for 31 days after you sign up!

Get inspired and motivated with challenges in photography, journaling, design, making it work, storytelling, and process.

31 Challenges - Self-Paced Pocket Scrapbooking Workshop | The Nerd Nest

Each challenge has an exclusive example project from me, including several tips and tricks to take from each project. There are over 100 bonus tips in all!

31 Challenges - Self-Paced Pocket Scrapbooking Workshop  | The Nerd Nest

Challenges were written with every kind of pocket scrapbooker in mind. Whether you are a physical scrapbooker who sticks to one core kit a year, a kit loving scrapper who layers on the embellishments, a digital scrapper, or an app user, there are suggestions to make every challenge work for you.

31 Challenges - Self-Paced Pocket Scrapbooking Workshop | The Nerd Nest

In addition to an exclusive project from me for each challenge, you’ll find an example from a Nerd Nest Creative Team member! Seeing different takes on the challenges with a variety of methods and styles will help you decide how to fit challenges to your own style.

Here’s a sneak peek of projects from the amazing contributors:

Sneak Peek 31 Challenges | Michelle O | The Nerd Nest

Michelle O

31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Anna | The Nerd Nest


31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Jen | The Nerd Nest


31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Emily | The Nerd Nest

Emily Murray

31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Laura | The Nerd Nest


31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Melody | The Nerd Nest


31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Kelly Jean | The Nerd Nest

Kelly Jean

31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Emily F. | The Nerd Nest

Emily F.

31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Lisa | The Nerd Nest


31 Challenges Sneak Peek | Priya | The Nerd Nest


31 Challenges - Self-Paced Pocket Scrapbooking Workshop  | The Nerd Nest

Here’s what students from the original run had to say about the workshop:

“The challenges and the the various creative takes on each challenge really helped me get back in a groove and I have made great progress catching up!!! The small community here has been kind and amazingly supportive. Thank you!!!!”

-Michelle M.

“I’ve very much enjoyed this challenge! I have several more photos selected for the rest of the challenges, these have been terrific! As I mentioned, this is my first time Pocket Scrapping so your tips/tricks were helpful. I plan to finish all the challenges, I just ran out of page protectors, LOL! Thanks”


31 Challenges 2017

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