Curently Extended | The Nerd Nest 3

This year with my office a mid-home-improvement-project mess and most of my spare time spent on home improvement projects, I’m really embracing my Document Now, Make Later memory keeping philosophy. I’m not able to spend a lot of time actually scrapbooking right now, but I’m still recording memories, taking photos, and writing journaling, so that when things calm down again I can bust out tons of pocket pages and traditional layouts.

I have made sure to keep up with some things as I go, though, which will help me to capture some of that in-the-moment documenting I’d miss out on when I’m going back and scrapbooking the past. One of my favorite things I’ve been doing this year is filling out a weekly Currently List Extended card.

Curently Extended | The Nerd Nest 2

I’ve done the original Currently cards in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever kept up with it this consistently (though sometimes I do “catch up” and fill out two weeks worth at once, dating them on Fridays and using my photos / notes to remember what was going on a week previous).

Kristin made the extended version at my request this year to add on some additional prompts that I really wanted (eating, playing, and learning are my favorites). The original cards are 3×4 and these just extend them out to 4×6.

Curently Extended | The Nerd Nest 1

I’ve just been slipping them into a pocket page for each month and it feels nice to have something current in my album when I’m still working on February spreads. And I really love that these cards help me record some of the things I don’t capture in other ways, like TV shows I’m watching and what’s going on in my head.

I’m thankful to have them and it’s one of my favorite low maintenance projects so far this year.

How would you fill out your Currently list right now? What are you watching / reading / listening / making / feeling / planning / loving / eating / playing / learning / exploring / thinking / knowing / choosing?

You can find all Currently products here and can connect with the Currently community on Instagram through #currentlylist.