Crafty Ass Female | Episode 25 | Crafting + Kids w: Megan Anderson

The amazing Amanda and my soul-lady BFF Kristin asked me to be a guest on their podcast, Crafty Ass Female. The episode Crafting + Kids is live today, and we’re talking all about crafting WITH kids, crafting for myself when there are tiny humans who need constant supervision present, and how I tell my memory keeping stories for myself while being respectful, because I’m telling more than my own story. There’s also some great personal stories you’ve never heard from me before!

We also get real in the Crafty Ass Female Patreon exclusive ‘After Chatter’ show, where you can sign up to listen to audio or watch a video of us three chat about some deeper topics: how I craft with children climbing on me, why I create my scrapbook albums for myself, how structural social forces impact where I am in my career and the direction of my life path, and how mental health finds its way into our creative journeys.

Head to for more information! And make sure to check out the show notes for the episode for links to a lot of the things that we talked about so you can see visuals!