Colorful Kitchen | The Nerd Nest 1

When we moved into our house seven years ago, all of the walls were painted a light matte beige. This was not ideal (especially for cleaning up after tiny humans–matte is not my friend), but paint is expensive and a bit tricky to do with toddler charges. I also thought I wanted to paint most of the walls white, and it didn’t seem worth it for such a subtle change.

Fast forward to today. Now I know I want a lot of colorful walls. After painting the entryway a dark blue and realizing that semi-gloss dark colors actually made a room feel brighter that matte beige, I’m cracking open the crayon box.

We’ve actually had the paint for the kitchen since September 2016 (we used it to paint a tiny bit of hallway) and just now got around to actually doing it.

Even worse–Jake tested the leftover paint from the roller after painting the hallway on a kitchen wall and THAT had been there since Autumn 2016 too.

But 2018 is the year of kicking our house projects into gear, so no more procrastinating.

Colorful Kitchen | The Nerd Nest 3

The color is one of my favorites: Behr Wave Top, which I chose because it matches the things I already have going in my kitchen, like my aqua KitchenAid and vintage Pyrex.

There apparently is some debate as to whether this color falls into the blue or green spectrum. Jake thinks it is green, I think it’s blue, and our (very scientific, lol) Instagram Stories poll came down to about 85% blue and 15% green–I’m guessing that we’re perceiving something pretty darn different. Brains are interesting!

Colorful Kitchen | The Nerd Nest 4

Before painting, we had some pretty heavy duty patching to do. The corners of these arches were chipped up pretty bad. Ready Patch did a great job there!

We still have painting left to do. Each of the arches will be a different color, but we’re waiting until we paint the other spaces in our home those colors until we bust out the paint for these little strips. So it will probably be a few months.

This room is my inspiration for painting the arches a different color.

Colorful Kitchen | The Nerd Nest 2

I needed to free up some space on our rainbow bookshelves for more books, so it made sense to use the top of the cabinet space for a rainbow of objects. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to put on the tops of the other cabinets above the stove. Another rainbow? Start the spectrum over there and move around the corner? We’ll see.

Also hoping to slowly replace the boob lights around the house. I’m saving up for this fixture for in here.

Colorful Kitchen | The Nerd Nest 5

Painted walls also means getting to hang things up. We have a lot of art and prints that we’ve been avoiding hanging until walls are painted. This little coffee gallery wall is a bright spot now! Because obviously, coffee is one of the most important things happening in this space.

Prints are: 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee by The Oatmeal, Early Bird Gets the Worm by JT Daniels, and the personified cups are from Blimpcat.

Colorful Kitchen | The Nerd Nest 6

Painting this room definitely wasn’t on the top of the home improvement priority list, but we needed an easy win after running into a bunch of snags with other seemingly never ending projects.

It’s making me really happy and excited to paint the adjacent rooms. But the next thing happening in this area of the house is replacing all of the constantly stained unsealed white grout. Stay tuned!

Each year it’s my goal to complete 52 projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain ventures into. The point is to MAKE. This is project 5 of 52 for 2018! If you want to join in, share your projects at #52Projects2018.