Friday Favorites 10

1. The Crafty Ass Female podcast has been my favorite thing to listen to this year, and I’m excited that they are now on Patreon! My favorite perk of supporting the show is “afterchatter” for the episodes.

2. The thing I’ve read that has freaked me out the most lately is this article: When Twenty-Six Thousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home. I’d never seen a stinkbug before this winter here in Kansas City, but now we usually find at least a few each week. Turns out that this is just the beginning. If you are in the US and your state hasn’t seen a stinkbug boom yet, it’s coming. Read this so you can prepare as best you can. Also, it’s just so well written and fascinating!

3. I’m on a Spring cleaning kick around here, which is making me appreciate my e-cloth Home Cleaning Set more. I’ve been using them for years and I highly recommend them–they’ve also held up that long.

There are specialized cloths for different tasks, like stainless steal, glass stovetop, bathroom, and kitchen (which has a little scrubby corner that works great). I use the dusting one a TON (attracts dust like a Swiffer duster, but I never have to buy another Swiffer!)

I’m thinking about getting a second set this week so I can keep them in my cleaning rotation when the used ones are being laundered. You don’t have to use cleaning sprays or soaps with them and they still work great.

I still use sprays and rags or paper towels for the really gross stuff, like toilets and cleaning the counter after dealing with raw meat, but mostly it’s just these guys.

The one that probably makes my life easier the most is the glass cleaning + polishing cloth. When Jake and I wash the outside of our around 40 windows each year, we do them all with one window cloth, two polishing cloths, and a bucket of water we replaces as it gets gross. That’s it. Super fast, no streaks, no juggling bottles on a ladder.

This isn’t a sponsorship thing or anything (though I use affiliate links to Amazon when I can), I’m just REALLY into these things.

4. With Spring coming (sort of–still getting a lot of wintery weather in KC), I’m teaching Ava about life cycles. My favorite life cycle video is Smarter Every Day’s Butterfly Farming IS AMAZING – (Full Life Cycle). THEY ACTUALLY CAPTURED A CATERPILLAR COCOONING ON CAMERA. I always thought the butterfly made the cocoon, but it’s body splits and it is the conoon. Science You Tube for the win.

5. FaceFace, my friend Paul’s band, just released their first full length album MMmm and it is ridiculously amazing. You can listen to it for free on Bandcamp and throw them any amount of money you’d like if you want to download it. I’m so freaking proud of him.

6. Back to the Spring cleaning: IKEA GODMORGON Boxs with lids are really helping me to get organized! I’ve gotten two sets for the bathrooms–the smaller ones are great for little things like cotton swabs, hair ties, bobby pins, and chapstick. I’m using the bigger ones for brushes, combs, and headbands. I’m going to pick up two more sets next time I go to organize Jake’s little electronics parts and my sewing notions.

I like that they stack easily and the lids are easy to get on and off with the little holes on top.

7. I’m in the middle of a bunch of grout removal so I can regrout tile, and I’m using my Rigid Job Max 4 Amp Mult-tool for the job. I started with a Bosch OSL234HG Starlock Hybrid Grout Blade, 2-3/4″ and I just ordered a cheaper option, so we’ll see how that goes.

I tried a hand grout saw at first, and I got more done in 10 minutes with the power tool than in an hour with the hand saw. I can’t imagine how long regrouting all of this tile would take without it!

What are you loving lately?