Happy March! I’m super excited that the hermit slump of winter is almost over and Spring is almost here. Here are a few things I have on the agenda for this month:

30 Days of Lists March 2018 | The Nerd Nest | List 1

  • The return of 30 Days of Lists! Listing starts today and I’m super excited about this round. You can see more about how I’m listing this time here.
  • A weekend trip to Colorado Jake and I are taking a much needed break (a preschooler, toddler, and baby here during the day is really taking a lot out of me) and going for a short trip in the mountains with friends. Looking forward to relaxing and taking in nature.
  • IMG_4613 (1)

  • Keeping house projects going. We have tons of in-progress projects going–it’s sort of a losing battle right now. Every time we go to fix something quick, we find the problem is much worse than expected. Next up is patching the roof around a chimney to fix a leak (that we thought we’d already fixed) so that we can finish our exposed brick / drywall repair project. (And I can have my office back!) Also going on right now: sealing tile / silicon caulking in a bathroom, patching painted trim around the house, painting the kitchen, making closets in our finished attic rooms, and general re-arranging. If you are interested in these projects, checking in on my Instagram Stories on weekends is a good place to keep up.
  • Going to the movies. I’m excited about Annihilation, Ready Player One, and especially A Wrinkle in Time!

  • Celebrating. Looking forward to my niece Aubrey’s first birthday, a giant extended family party on Jake’s side for his aunt’s birthday, and the Saint Patrick’s Day parade (Kansas City has one of the largest in the US).
  • IMG_7656

  • So much outside time. We’ve been taking advantage of the warmer weather with lots of long walks and playing in the backyard. I’m looking forward to adding the park,
    gardening, and zoo time (we have a membership) to the mix.
  • Creative writing. My daily practice this month for One Little Word is creative writing, so this month will be filled with fiction and poetry. I don’t have a lot of spare time right now, so adding something means giving something up. That probably means less reading time this month.
  • Spring Break! I’m planning a fun staycation line-up.

What are you looking forward to this month?