100 Days of Project Progress

The official The 100 Day Project starts next week on April 3 and I’m playing along! If you don’t know about the 100 Day Project, click that link and see what the founders have to say.

There are also some great podcast episodes to get your wheels turning:

Last year, I started a 100 days of poetry project on my own, but ended up hitting the pause button halfway through to do 100 Days of Memory Keeping along with The Scrap Gals community. That was an amazing experience and I got so much done in those 100 days. Choosing something loose worked really well for me: most anything beyond the sort of documenting I do daily anyway (like taking pictures) counted. This meant that I could print a few photos, make five layouts, or write out some long journaling (which is what I did while out of town). This got me in a great flow and helped me to make progress when I didn’t have a lot of spare time.

Right now, what I really want to accomplish is a whirlwind of home improvement projects. This is a little hard to do during the weekday right now with small children in my care during the day and a complete loss of energy by the time my kids are in bed at night, but I love that the mindset of doing something everyday will help me to do more during the week so I’m all prepped and ready to go when I have larger chunks of time on the weekends.

I decided to go with a more general “projects” rather than specifically home improvement so that I can count projects that travel well, like knitting, while out of town. This will also allow me to take a fun crafty project breather day as a reward when I cross a big home improvement thing off of the list. Finished building an attic closet? Go make a pillow cover Megan, you deserve it.

But mostly I’m wanting this to be about home improvement. I might scrape out old grout for 10 minutes a day during the week so I can add in new grout on a Saturday. I might clean out and organize what’s in a piece of furniture on Wednesday so I can move it to a new location in the house Sunday. Maybe a little bit of yard debris cleaning on Thursday will result in a Friday night fence building party. And I’ll be sharing what I’m doing as I go on Instagram with the hashtag #nerdnest100days.


I’m also technically doing two 100 Day Projects. My friend Kristin of The Awesome Ladies Project is hosting 100 Days of all About Me and I’m excited to play along with that as well! I’m planning on just jotting memory keeping ideas based on the prompts in my 100 Days of All About Me workbook daily, then I’ll batch the actual projects at a later time. I might be making some of them during the challenge, but because I’m planning on layouts and pocket pages with longer stories for a lot of them, I definitely won’t be making all 100 over the next few months.

I’ll be sharing with the #100DaysofAllAboutMe community hashtag on my Instagram and in the guided community as well.

Are you participating in the 100 Day Project? What’s your plan?