Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 1

The February Nerd Nest Challenge is to Start in the Middle.

Sometimes starting a bigger memory keeping project can seem daunting. Starting a weekly pocket scrapbooking / project life a few weeks into the year, documenting a big event like a wedding or vacation, beginning a mini album or themed book—it can be hard to know where to begin.

Sometimes it’s useful to have a plan and start at the beginning and follow through until the end. But if you are stuck and overwhelmed and those tactics aren’t working for you, try starting in the middle.

Edit just the photos that are exciting you, print them out, and get to work. Pick a story in the middle that is a little simpler and might be a good place to start. Just go! Don’t worry about having a color scheme, style, or products consistent throughout your project. Work on a part that you can finish, then continue to jump around from there OR work backwards or forwards from your middle position.

Giving yourself this freedom can get you past your block and can help you to finish your whole project! It’s amazing how less overwhelming things seem once you finish something, even if it’s just a small part.

Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 2

For my take on the challenge, I started on a few pocket pages that covered weeks that were a little “easier” (had fewer photos / events I wanted to document) for my pocket scrapbooking albums. I spent January working on holiday albums and 2017 pocket pages and I don’t have access to my craft space right now as my husband and I work on home improvement projects in there. So halfway into February, my 2018 albums were empty.

That’s okay! That’s why my memory keeping motto is Document Now, Make Later. It doesn’t matter when I make pages, as long as I have access to the photos and some journaling / tools to jog my memory.

Instead of beginning at the beginning–we started off the year on a weekend trip and I’m not ready to choose photos from it yet–I picked three spreads that had fewer photos and batch printed the photos for all three. I have trouble getting to my supplies in my construction zone office, so I grabbed a few kits to work with and kept the spreads very simple. I’ll share the spread for my January Day in the Life and the first week of February later, but for now, here’s the spread for January 7-13.

Selected products:

Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 3

Going on here: Ava and I after her dance class and my stretch & strength class, Eliza on her birthday with chicken pot pie (her favorite) and going out for dessert donuts, Ava “picking up her floor” by putting everything on her bed, Jonas and Paul playing video games, snuggling my friends’ baby E. (she’s Internet free, so there will be blurs) and my cat Lily, a before picture of the mold in the kids’ bathroom, Jake reading up on Nikola Tesla.

Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 4

I kept it to just photos and journaling cards for this spread and I like the result! Not that I won’t get back to embellishing more when I have my scrapbooking desk back–but I’ll probably be sticking to mostly very simple pages meanwhile.

Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 6

Going on here: Ava in the too small knit hat I made, Ava and Jonas snuggled up with their Star Wars gear, watching double babies (E. and my niece Tierney), Ava playing on the floor with real and pretend babies, knitting during Jonas’s tap class, new recipes I made for the week for my 52 recipes project, Kristin’s book launch party.

Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 7

I used three photo collages on this page, but on one of them I added white space in between the photos (the ones of Ava in the hat). I think the line looks really nice with the white borders around my photos–I might start doing it for more of my collages!

Start in the Middle | February Nerd Nest Challenge 8

Starting in the middle got me going with my pocket scrapbooking for the year, and now I can get on a roll. What project can you start in the middle to help you get going?

I want to see your take on the challenge! Share a link in the comments or use the hashtag #nerdnestchallenge on social media!