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30 Days of Lists registration is now open! I always take an opportunity to get my list base together at this time so I’m all prepped and ready to go when my favorite journaling challenge starts. If you don’t know about #30Lists learn about it here!

When I was deciding how I’ll be listing this round, I had a lot of things to take into consideration. I wanted to switch things up from the traveler’s notebooks I did last year. I needed something that isn’t supply heavy because my office is currently a construction zone. I wanted to include photos, because my favorite list projects do (though it’s not always manageable for me to include them). And it needed to be easy, because my life is VERY full right now and I don’t have a lot of extra time and energy.

I landed on doing photo backgrounds with a color overlay and text on top. I like that this is completely digi, so I can do it quickly on the computer.

I made a “I’m a Lister Because” list to test out my format and create a template. It also gives me a cover page!

I’m a Lister because

* I love documenting what’s on my mind in the moment
*It gives me great self reflecting opportunities
*It’s fun
*I love looking back on my list collection
*I like getting a look into other people’s lives and perspectives
*I get to do something with my long distance friends
*It’s a manageable daily creative exercise I can FINISH!

I used Photoshop–I made the photo black and white, then added a no-fill rectangle over the top with a 50% opacity cover overlay. (You can get the same look without photoshop with Canva.)

I saved the .psd of this file so that I can copy the layers and I don’t have to re-measure my text box or create the color rectangle every time, which will make it so much faster when I’m making my lists! I also am planning on peaking at the lists this month and choosing / taking my photos for them ahead of time. I usually like the surprise of what the list will be each day, but I know that the prep work will help me be able to list daily. (Also it’s unlikely that I’ll MEMORIZE them just by looking ahead to choose the photos. So there will be SOME surprise.)

I can make a little book out of them when I’m all done!

30 Days of Lists

And a little note about a change this month–you can now register for March 2018 individually or sign up for a membership, which will give you access to March, September, and December!

Are you listing in March? How are you planning on doing it? Remember, there’s no wrong way to list.

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