Friday Favorites 9

1. One of our most used toys is the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set. It stays in our downstairs bathroom (which is science themed) so the kids can whip up “experiments” at the sink (I have to clean up a lot of soap scum). Yesterday the kids and I had fun doing “science” to teach Ava primary and secondary colors. We mixed primary colors from the test tubes into the beakers and it made the lesson way more fun because they could pretend to be chemists.

2. Magic Erasers are one of the most powerful tools in the toddler parent arsenal (wall coloring, fingerprints everywhere), but I’m also a fan for things like build-up around drains, grime on trim (which I’m cleaning a lot of this week to prep for painting), and grease build-up on the top of kitchen cabinets. My favorite kind is the Mr. Clean EXTRA POWER Magic Eraser.

3. I’ve been a big fan of JT Daniels’s artwork for a long time–I know him as a friend of a friend. I’ve been so excited to see his murals popping up all over Kansas City and am blown away by his recent addition to 18th and Vine. Follow him on Instagram to see the cool stuff he’s doing (like taking over Brisk Iced Tea packaging!!!) and check out his store too (of course the coffee print lives in my kitchen).

4. I am beyond excited that, after 5 years, Janelle Monáe is releasing another album. Dirty Computer won’t be released until April 27, but two new music videos give a taste of what to come: Make Me Feel and Django Jane. If it’s even possible to be more in love with her, I am (and you will be) after reading this interview.

5. I’m on the lookout for a vintage school desk. I have lots of school tables and chairs scattered throughout my home (Jake jokes that my decorating style is 8th grade classroom and he’s not wrong). I’m looking for this kind as an end table–it’ll be perfect for stashing magazines and books inside and I’ll be excited to move the stool we’re currently using somewhere else.

6. One of our most useful fix-it and gadget making tools is this Magnetic Project Mat Screw Keeper Chart. It’s magnetic so screws won’t roll around and is a whiteboard so you can label them. If someone in your household is a fan of taking things apart and putting them back together, then this is a big help. It’s especially important for tiny things, like phone repairs. Jake replaced a part in his iPhone last night and I don’t know how he’d keep track of those teeny tiny screws otherwise. We also bought one recently for Eliza’s nurf gun mod loving friend.

What are you loving lately?