Friday Favorites 7

1. I’m so excited for my favorite challenge, 30 Days of Lists, to start up in March! Registration begins tomorrow (I’ll be sharing how I’m listing this round then). If you sign up for the 30 Days of Lists newsletter, you’ll know as soon as the registration opens up! You can see all of my past lists here.

2. We’ve lived in our house for 7 years now, and all this time we’ve been dealing with all of the negative aspects of low humidity in the winter: dry noses, dried out cracking wood, colder feeling air, and longer living viruses. Our humidity was down at 12%! All because we thought that a humidifier is WAY more expensive than it is. Our Aprilaire 600M Whole-House Humidifier was delivered last week and Jake and his dad (who is a plumber) got it installed. It has made such a big difference already.

Though as it always is with home improvements, Jake found more problems while they were working. Looks like we’re going to be learning how to repair duct work now.

3. To trick myself that spring is coming, I bought a crocus plant at the grocery store and it’s cheering me up. (Though not as much as the first crocus popping up in my yard will.)

4. I’ve started more structured pre-school at home with Ava recently and a big winner in our learning toys stash has been this Wooden Alphabet Giraffe Puzzle. It has letters on one side and numbers on the other, so you can work on both. The chunky pieces are great for little hands learning precise dexterity, the wood holds up well after a bazillion uses (Jonas loved this too), and the different colors help her to find the right piece. (We’re looking for the “K”! It’s green! Can you find it?) The order the pieces go together is a bit tricky, so younger kids really need parental help.

5. It’s Girl Scout Cookies time! I sent Eliza to school with money so she can bring home cookies from her girl scout friends–I doubt any of them will still be in the house by the end of next week. Last year we bought A LOT and the girl scout kindly let me know that they freeze well, but I just laughed. They certainly won’t last that long, girl scout buddy. I like Caramel Delights and Lemonades the best. What’s your favorite?

6. The best article I’ve read lately that helped me to understand why the positions left unfilled (or filled by unqualified people) in the executive branch really matters: Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat may be Coming from Inside the White House. If you’re not sure what the Department of Energy does, give this a read.

7. It seems like every home tour I click on lately has these Carlisle Metal Dining Chairs. I guess I’m on trend, because grandpa bought me them for Christmas. They are sturdy and comfortable and are working great in our breakfast nook, which is really a Lego / art room for the kids. The hand-me-down wicker chairs we were using were not a good choice for the place where paint and Play Doh happens. These clean up really easily! There are 10 different colors to choose from: I have navy and mint green. I’m excited to finish up the room they are in so their colors really pop.

What are you loving lately?