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Today I’m sharing tips for Evaluating Memory Keeping:

For this week’s #nndailytip, we’re going to be talking about evaluating last year’s memory keeping to help you plan for this year—which is this month’s #nerdnestchallenge Looking at what you’ve done can help you tweak your process to make things work better for you. One question to ask yourself: How much did I actually make verses how much do I plan to do? Obviously circumstances change and you may have more or less time to dedicate to memory keeping this year than you did last year, but looking at the total volume of what you made in 2017 can help you to decide what projects to let go of or add in 2018. I do a lot: weekly+ pocket scrapbooking, thematic layouts, monthly Day in the Life, Week in the Life, One Little Word, December Daily, (obviously I’m an @aliedwards fangirl) and vacation albums. I fill up four 12×12 albums a year. That’s intense, but it’s what’s working for me (and I live in the Midwest, so there’s less of a concern for me that albums will take over my living space). I have a lot left “undone” for 2017, but I know that my current plan is working, because my volume of what I made surpassed the amount of new things I documented—I’m just more into working on the past than in-the-moment things right now. What about you? This is not meant to be stressful—don’t worry about those gaps or not being “caught up.” This is only to help you try to tailor your documenting process to your output!

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This week for #nndailytip we’re talking about evaluating last year’s memory keeping to help plan for this year. It’s also this month’s #nerdnestchallenge Ask yourself: how much product did you use vs. how much did you buy? Maybe you are running low and could use a new subscription to inspire you. Maybe you are overwhelmed by product, which makes scrapbooking take longer because you are paralyzed by decisions. Try to think about what inspired you to make things and what you hoarded to help you make purchasing decisions that will fit your budget this year. I tend to like to subscribe to kits for a year (cheaper per kit) and then unsubscribe for a long time so I can use up all of the supplies. Then when I’m low again I start back up.

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What motivated you to work on memory keeping the most last year? Did a class inspire you? Did you get excited about a new kit and get to work with it right away? Were you more likely to work if you tried making things soon after an event or did you like to wait? Think about what gave you a spurt of motivation last year so you can repeat those conditions for yourself this year. Last year, batch making 31 new projects for my workshop 31 Challenges was a huge motivator. Challenges help jumpstart ideas for me and get me inspired to make more. I won’t have much time for teaching this year, but I know that I’ll want to do another edition of 31 Challenges because I love the result in my own albums so much. #nndailytip

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What are your favorite tips for evaluating memory keeping?

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