Too Small Knit Hat | 52 Projects The Nerd Nest 1

I finished my first project of the year…and it didn’t turn out how I intended.

I’m a beginning knitter and have mostly made very easy projects like big all-garter stitch blankets and a few scarves. I tried making hats a few years ago, and I love them even though they’re a little bit on the gnome-looking side.

I decided I was going to make a hat for my step-mom for Christmas and set off to make a Red Heart East-Fit Ribbed Hat, a pattern I found to go with the Petunia Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn I thought she’d love.

Too Small Knit Hat | 52 Projects The Nerd Nest 2

This was my first time knitting a hat that was meant to be sewn together at the end instead of in the round and I feel silly for not realizing how small it was until I started putting it together at the very end. I started laughing so hard when it was basically looking like a doll hat that I couldn’t even tell Jake what was so funny through the laughter tears. So instead of a hat for my mom, it’s a hat for Ava. Or maybe even my baby niece.

I would have caught this if I’d made a gauge swatch like you are supposed to, but I was having trouble getting started and by the time I got to a point where I was doing it mostly right, I wanted to keep going. I hadn’t purled in over a year and it took awhile to get back into the hang of things.

I also kept adding and dropping stitches and tried to self-correct as I went, but by the end I realized what I was doing wrong (mostly purling incorrectly at the beginning of rows) and had stopped doing it, so my lines will be much straighter next time too!

Too Small Knit Hat | 52 Projects The Nerd Nest 3

Messing up is part of being a beginner. I learned from this one and the next one will be better! And I won’t have to restart it five times (hopefully) like I did this one. I really thought this project would take me a week, but since it took two months and I need to make it larger, it might not even be cold anymore by the time I’m done. So I guess that will mean I have a gift ready for next year: hah!

Each year it’s my goal to complete 52 projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain ventures into. The point is to MAKE. This is project 1 of 52 for 2018! If you want to join in, share your projects at #52Projects2018.