Knit Hat Take 2 | The Nerd Nest 1

My first project of the year was a knit hat, but it turned out much too small. I definitely should have made a gauge swatch, but I was having trouble getting into the groove after only knitting garter stitch (only knit, no purling) for so long so I just dove right in (and re-started about five times).

I am totally fine with having to make this twice–the two small hat is in use on a baby friend and I learned so much making mistakes on it. I made WAY FEWER mistakes on this one and it came together in a bit over a week instead of over several months.

Knit Hat Take 2 | The Nerd Nest 3

The pattern is Red Heart East-Fit Ribbed Hat, which goes with the Petunia Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn.

I love having simple knitting projects for something to do with my hands while watching TV, long stints in the passenger seat in the car, or sitting around chatting with friends or family. It’s keeping busy and relaxing at the same time!

Knitting also helped a lot with my cramped hands after spending hours and hours removing plaster and mortar from the brick chimney I exposed in my office. More on that project soon! Chipping slowly away at it (pun!).

Knit Hat Take 2 | The Nerd Nest 2

I still have some of the first skein next and a whole other skein, so I might be making more of the same hat. You might get sick of my making the same thing over and over again, but repetition is key to getting better as a beginner. And I’ll get better and faster every time!

Who knows, in two years I might actually be making a sweater. But in between hats, I’m mostly knitting another giant knit blanket, this one for Ava. You can check out Jonas’s and Eliza’s.

Each year it’s my goal to complete 52 projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain ventures into. The point is to MAKE. This is project 2 of 52 for 2018! If you want to join in, share your projects at #52Projects2018.