Friday Favorites 6

1. My favorite sweet treat right now is almond M&Ms. I buy a sharing bag for the week and pop a few while I’m reading at night (though they are getting harder to find with all of the coffee / caramel flavors taking prominence right now).

2. I’m really loving the app One Second Everyday, which allows you to stitch together one second of video for each day to make an awesome memory keeping montage. It is super user friendly (editing out which second of a video you’d like is easier than I expected) and I like that the app makes it easy to “cheat” and make up a day. After seeing it pop up in my feed a bit here and there the past few years, I’m really happy I jumped on board. I’ve been posting mine each week with the hashtag #nerdnest1sec.

3. I’ve been on Pinterest for a long time, but I’ve gotten a renewed interest now that I’m on a big home improvement kick. I love that keeping really specific boards on my Pinterest, like boards for different sorts of rooms instead of a home decor board, helps me to figure out what styles I’m most attracted to because themes and patterns emerge over time. I even had Eliza look through my boards to tell me what she liked so I can plan what to do in her room better.

I love it as an organized bookmarking system–I don’t care that a lot of the pictures on my home improvement board aren’t cute and repinnable: I can easily find the best tutorials for the things I’m actually going to do.

4. Speaking of things I’m actually going to do: my most used tool during home improvement projects is my 3M Reusable Respirator with these replaceable filters. I look like a supervillan, but I’m not breathing in dust, igniting my allergies, breathing harmful chemicals that might be in the air if I’m painting or treating wood, or smelling disgusting things (like last year when I was removing squirrel-lived-in insulation). I’m so much safer and feel so much better: this is my favorite adventures in home ownership purchase by far.

5. My newest tool is a Rigid Job Max 4 Amp Mult-tool. It has an oscillating head, so a lot of projects that require a lot of elbow grease are now going to have hours of work shaved off of them!

I just got it last week (Home Depot sale + Christmas gift certificate) and I already love it. I’m going to use it on a regrout / reseal bathroom project, but it’s going to make a lot of projects much easier!

Last weekend Jake got us a Dremel Diamond Abrasive Paper for it and it made cleaning the last of the mortar off of the brick we are exposing in my office a piece of cake. (You can follow along with that project in the Mold Reno pinned stories in my Instagram profile.)

6. Last but not least, one of my favorite news sources here in the United States right now is Vox Sentences, a weekday daily e-mail that sums up major news stories for the day with links to multiple news sources for future reading, plus some miscellaneous interesting stories. I find some great stuff in there and it’s a much more well rounded / less stressful way for me to get daily news.

What are your favorite things right now?